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In the early hours of November 1st, Migos Rapper Takeoff lost his life at a bowling alley in Houston, at a private event celebrating Jas Prince’s birthday, due to a series of gunshot wounds. When the news broke later that morning, the entire Hip-Hop community seemed to be in shock and awe. There’s been a grim and unfortunate trend of rappers dying lately, with PnB Rock also passing recently as a result of a robbery gone wrong, and Takeoff was the last name many listeners and artists alike would have expected to see trending with “RIP” early in the morning on Twitter.

Although Quavo and Offset were more likely to be found out and about in public, Takeoff took a more laid-back approach to life. Often saying little in interviews and a notable lack of public appearances, the mystique surrounding the long-heralded “Best Migo,” is a large part of his appeal. Instead of making headlines or dissing other rappers, Takeoff simply lets his bars do the talking for him.

Thanks to his intricate wordplay and memorable flows, Takeoff helped the Migos break through the mold and give the rap game a much-needed shake-up when they dropped 2016’s “Culture.” It served as a defining piece of work in the Atlanta Trap scene, as well as one of the best rap albums of the 2010s. The group would release “Culture II,” in 2018, and use 2019 to have each member drop a solo album, which Takeoff dropped his only solo album, “The Last Rocket.” After “Culture III,” in 2021, the group would undergo a public feud which ultimately led to Offset parting ways with the group, paving the way for Takeoff and Quavo to continue under the “Unc & Phew” moniker. Their first album, “Only Built For Infinity Links,” was only released last month. While the Hip-Hop community mourns Takeoff and his long-lasting contribution to the game, fans and artists alike can only hope that this strange trend of rappers dying is on its way down. Our thoughts, prayers, and condolences are with Takeoff’s family during these trying times.

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