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R&B Sensation Saneit Drops New EP AUTOMATIC

Rising singer/songwriter Saneit is always ready for a challenge. The Chicago, IL native is eyeing the R&B landscape and is chomping at the bitto stake her claim. After releasing several ear-grabbing tunes over 2021 and 2022, she has decided to up the ante and give an expanded look and listen of her sound with her new EP, Automatic, which debuted June 9th.

Automatic is a culmination and modern spin of 90s and 2000s nostalgia, infused with a passion and Chicago twang that only Saneit can effectively deliver. In her last few releases, Saneit has shown herself to be a throwback to that era, a driven and passionate crooner that is constantly honing and experimenting new ways to deliver her gift. This project is the sum of that work; her voice brings back the style of R&B yesteryear, while also providing a contemporary and unique twist to the genre. With lead single “Be The One,” we get to experience her passion, and desire to remain in a relationship that she doesn’t want from anyone else. If there’s one word that describes this songstress, it’s soul. Step into her world, and leave wanting more; she is definitely here for the long haul.

After working tirelessly to bring eyes and ears toward a classic R&B sound, look for Automatic to be a driving force this summer.

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