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Project Preview: Wingy & Pludoe (ft. Zaint)

Wingy - Void (single)

Drifting into the space between Bedroom Pop and Alternative Hip-Hop, Wingy’s latest single starts off with some dreamy synths and a distorted vocal melody, before piano keys enter the scene and create an airy atmosphere that brings you into the opening hook. Accompanied by sounds that bring back memories of a Game Boy Advance startup screen, the beat drops and the tempo picks up. Some heavy 808’s join the mix next, and give the track a healthy bounce that will have you bobbing your head to the beat. Wingy’s lyrics paint a vivid picture of someone who struggles with the duality of being popular on the internet and the isolation of an introvert who is consumed by their thoughts, all while dealing with the external pressures that surround him. Thanks to the vulnerable nature of his bars, and the smooth beat that flows underneath his words, Wingy’s got a solid single on his hands with his latest endeavor.

If you are a fan of Bedroom Pop or Alternative Hip-Hop, and enjoyed the snippet above, give this track a listen asap since it drops today! (Listen Here)

Pludoe - Candles and Roses ft. Zaint (Single)

Pludoe returns to Project Preview with a track that fully embraces the R&B influences he only flirted with in prior releases. Kicking off with a provocative piano melody, Pludoe displays his storytelling abilities by giving us a near play-by-play of his escapades with the lover he’s talking about. Flowing well into the musical pocket crafted by the looping melody, which empowers him to riff slightly on his croons during the hook. Pludoe is joined by Zaint, who offers the opposite perspective of the events they’re both reminiscing about. Zaint’s seductive vocals are a nice juxtaposition to Pludoe’s triplet flows, and her own vocal riffs are a great addition that really fleshes out the musical ideas that are presented here. Not to mention, their trading of riffs toward the track’s finale is another moment that really stood out.

If you’re a fan of Alternative R&B. and you enjoyed the snippet above, then check this track out when it drops on September 1st!

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