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Project Preview: Vina Love, Jxhar, & Pludoe

Vina Love - Around You (Single)

Welcomed by some bright keys and the echo of her soft voice as it flips between the left and right channels, Harlem Princess Vina Love’s newest track starts off nice and slow before quickly picking up steam. By the time the kick drums come in and help fill out the sound, it’s already become a house-influenced R&B bop. The piano and other percussive elements lend a semi-tropical feel to this bouncy and bright track, making it the perfect jam to help close out the beginning of the end of the Summer Season. Vina’s vocals are all over the place, but in the absolute best way. At times she’s got a sultry, whispery tone, others she’s hitting high notes effortlessly, and in between she still manages to hit riffs and runs that fit perfectly over the multi-faceted instrumental. Thanks to the texture of the sounds it employs, the sonic aesthetic of the track feels very much like a day at the beach. With the Sun overhead, hitting just right as you smell the seawater roll in on the coast, sitting back in a lawn chair, letting the cool breeze hit as the track plays. Needless to say, the cover art definitely captures it perfectly.

If you are a fan of Alternative R&B or House Music, you absolutely need to save this track when it drops on August 22nd, and play the snippet above for a sneak peek!

Jxhar - Thank God We Made It! (EP)

On this 2-track EP, Harlem-born, Philly-based artist Jxhar takes the opportunity to show off his range. The first track is a collaboration with Theo Vegas titled “Headrush,” where Theo and Jxhar both find themselves stuck on an ex-lover who they can’t get out of their head. The beat’s got several different elements and layers, relying heavily on a piano melody and booming bass drums for its simple-yet-infectious rhythm. Feeling almost like a Brockhampton throwaway, I couldn’t get enough of it on my first listen. The second (and title) track “Thank God We Made It!” takes a much more somber direction, with a beat that is significantly more minimalist than its predecessor. With only a few consistent musical elements joining him, Jxhar takes the opportunity to get off some bars about the journey he’s taken to this point, making it feel more like a reflection than anything else, where gratitude is paramount.

If you are a fan of Alternative Hip-Hop or Alternative R&B, this needs to be the next addition to your playlist when it drops on August 16th, and listen to the snippet of "Headrush" above for a sneak peek!

Pludoee - Treasure (ft Mal Banks) (Single)

Sampling Silver Sonic’s hit song, “Smokin’ Out The Window,” Pludoee and Mal Banks join forces on this groovy Sample Trap hit. Pludoee’s vocals are layered, with his rap vocals on one part, and melodic vocals on the other, making for a full sound that also serves as something of a neat harmony. Mal Banks addition to the track is a nice juxtaposition from Pludoee’s melodic verses, with a tough delivery that flows pretty well over an otherwise smooth beat. Pludoee’s hook writing has improved tremendously over the course of a few months, with the contagious chorus that has been stuck in my head since I first listened to it. Just over 2 minutes long, this one keeps it short and sweet.

If you’re a fan of Alternative-Trap, Alternative Hip-Hop, and R%B, then this needs to be in your rotation when it drops on August 16th, and check out the snippet above for a sneak peek!

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