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Project Preview: Prxd. Jay & Law

Prxd. Jay - Don’t Turn Me Up (Single)

After having a hand in the creative process of Abby Jasmine’s latest project, “Growing Pains” (and featuring on her hit song “RENT FREE”), Long Island artist Prxd. Jay arrives with his first single since 2021. Instead of opting for a loop-based beat, the track utilizes instrumentation and some synth-production elements to create a track that breathes and flows from beginning to end. Heavily influenced by House and Dance, this R&B track has one of the most engaging instrumentals I’ve heard in recent memory, with vibrant and poppy sounds that make it impossible not to bop along to. Every aspect of the production comes off clean and polished, and Jay’s wet vocals sit perfectly over the instrumentation, especially on the chorus, which is elevated by some infectious piano chords.

If you are a fan of House, R&B, or Pop, this song absolutely needs to be on your main playlist when it drops on July 28th! (Pre-Save here)

Law - Switch It Up (Single)

Coming off of her viral hit “Buss it Down,” Law returns to Project Preview with her latest single, “Switch It Up.” The track opens up with a lone guitar, accompanied by soft vocals from Law, leading into a furry of instrumentation as the hook hits. Talking to an ex-lover, Law gets off some affirmational bars where she asserts herself as a dominant figure that has the ability to “switch it up” and reminds her old flame of who she is and what she can do. The New Jersey R&B songstress has some great vocal melodies on this track that sound as smooth as butter, over a simple-yet-effective beat. Not to mention, the additional vocal elements (layered harmonies and ad-libs) help give the track texture, and add a fullness when listening on headphones. It’s an easy listen that will have you playing on repeat.

If you’re a fan of R&B or Neo-Soul, you’ll definitely be bumping this track when it drops on July 14th. If that’s too far away, don’t worry, the music video drops tomorrow! (Pre-Save here)

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