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Project Preview: One Shot - Yurissa

Yurissa - Spooky Szn (Single)

Halloween might be over, but Yurissa is looking to keep that spooky feeling going with her latest track, “Spooky Szn.” A Dark Jersey Club banger, Yurissa spews some braggadocious bars in this mesmerizing fusion. With an air of opulence and extravagance, she confidently declares her superiority over the competition, making it clear that everything she does is top-tier, bordering on luxury. "Spooky Szn" is a bewitching brew of eerie beats and fierce bars, the perfect anthem for a Halloween night as dark and thrilling as the spell she weaves. Brace yourself for a musical incantation that will have you under her enchantment from the very first note.

If you are a fan of the Dark Jersey Club wave, give this track a spin when it drops on November 10th!

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