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Project Preview: One Shot: LIFEOFTHOM

Continuing his string of features on this platform, Uptown Native LIFEOFTHOM is gearing up for the moment we have all been waiting for, the release of his debut EP: "Room 44". "Room 44" transcends the mundane. The title, draped in numerical enigma, metamorphoses into a visual representation of boundless possibilities. This is more than an EP; it's an odyssey into limitless creativity and unrestricted expansion.

Produced by Thom and James Burns, their partnership ignited over a year ago, birthing an intricately crafted auditory sanctuary that promises a listening experience beyond the conventional. Clocking in at over twenty-five minutes, the EP is a condensed yet powerful expedition into LIFEOFTHOM's contemplations and reflections.

Weaving soul-infused samples, majestic horns, and inventive flows, "Room 44" absolutely spotlights the technical finesse of LIFEOFTHOM's pen. Boasting standout contributions from Bub Styles, Haile Supreme, AKAI SOLO, CJ Fly, Ania Hoo, and HDBeenDope, each track evolves into a canvas painted with vibrant narratives and experiences.

If you are a fan of Alternative Hip-Hop, don't let the moment pass—set a reminder, etch it on your calendar, and be ready to check out the auditory wonders of "Room 44," when it drops on all platforms tomorrow (11/17).

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