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Project Preview: One Shot: Flash Kash

Flash Kash - Rebel City (LP)

Hometown Hero Flash Kash starts off the year with a project that encompasses several different popular sounds over the course of its 12 tracks and even-24 minute runtime. Flexing a chameleon-like ability, Flash’s wordplay helps him make each sound his own. Whether it’s over a chopped-up soul sample, a Carti-type beat, or a moodier Trap instrumental, his lyricism and choice of flow manage to keep things fresh throughout. The subject matter varies, covering topics ranging from parenthood, to husting, and aspirations of higher living. Fans of any hip-hop genre will find something to like on this impressive debut piece. Although, the consistency of the mixes would be my only real point of criticism of this body of work.

If you’re a fan of Yeat, Lil Uzi Vert, or Baby Keem, I would highly recommend checking out “Rebel King” when it drops on all platforms,

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