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Project Preview: LIFEOFTHOM, Pludoee, and SpinCity Chris & Max Morioh


While showing off the range and versatility in his artistry, LIFEOFTHOM is also helping bring back the Boom Bap style back to the forefront of the NYC Hip-Hop scene. Returning to Project Preview with a soul sample that’s central to the instrumental, Thom’s lyrical prowess is also on full display here. While he gets off many bars with various double meanings to them, he also calls on his life’s experiences to draw from them in an almost poetic way. Almost reminiscent of something you would hear from Griselda, there’s also a melancholy aesthetic to the track, provided by some beautiful-yet-haunting backing vocals that croon over the sample, adding a whole new layer to it. Although it’s different from “archetyp333” in every way, this track is still a standout from genre-bending New York wordsmith.

If you’re a fan of Boom Bap, or Alternative Hip-Hop, then keep up with LIFEOFTHOM and check this track out when it drops on August 10th! (Pre-save here)

Pludoee - Zasquiat

Queens Rapper Pludoee returns to Project Preview with his latest track, the brief and bouncy “Zasquiat.” Opening up with a mellow guitar riff, Pluto proceeds to give off a flurry of braggadocious bars where he talks about the high quality of the pack he’s smoking, as well as the life he lives. Letting people know that “nobody as high as us,” Pludoe flows well on the track, especially on the latter half as his flow fits into a perfect pocket and grooves alongside the instrumental. Blending some elements of 70’s funk with the drums you’d find in a modern trap record is a nice juxtaposition of sound, giving off a very smooth and laid back feel. Although the speed of Pludoe’s raps give off a feeling of urgency, the calm of the lead guitar serves as fine contrast.

If you’re a fan of Trap, then you absolutely need to listen to this track when it drops on August 11th!

SpinCity Chris & Max Morioh - Wah Ya Seh

New York-based Rapper-Producer Duo SpinCity Chris and Max Morioh make their Project Preview debut with a Dancehall-Trap fusion track that even delves into a Jersey-Club type pocket as it ends. Starting off with some synths and kick drums, the song adds more by the measure, as SpinCity Chris gets his catchy hook off. The progressing addition of more and more musical elements makes for a fun listen, as you can feel the energy ramping up. The addition of some tropical elements complete the summer vibe that the track seems to be going for. At only 2 minutes long, it’s a quick-but-fun track that is sure to have everyone rocking at your summer function when it comes on.

If you’re a fan of Dancehall, Alternative Hip-Hop, and Jersey Club, then you absolutely need to check out this track when it drops on August 18th! (Pre-save here)

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