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Project Preview: LIFEOFTHOM, Leaf, & Rique

LIFEOFTHOM - archetyp333 (Single)

Washington Heights native LIFEOFTHOM is looking to make an impact before releasing his next album, and does so by leading with this single. At 2.5 minutes, Thom has crafted a track that contains elements from various different genres, to create a sound that is uniquely his own. Starting off with a simple beat that slowly morphs into something else as more instrumentation is added with each bar in the intro verse. It has a very alternative feel, utilizing sounds that give off a bedroom-pop-meets-bedroom-rap vibe, while also mixing facets of Alt Rock into the mix. Too hard to define yet so easy to listen to, LIFEOFTHOM has an absolute smash of a lead single starting off this next era.

If you’re a fan of Alternative Rock, Alternative Hip-Hop, Bedroom Pop, and Dream Pop, this track should be added to your playlists when it drops on June 29th! (Pre-save here)

Leaf - DND (Single)

Seamlessly switching between the Jersey Club and Drill sounds, Leaf’s upcoming single is an absolute banger that begs to be played on the loudest sound system you own. The track starts off with a soft acapella vocal melody, before introducing booming kick drums and snare’s you’ll typically hear in a Drill beat. Coming off the intro verse and leading into the hook, things change up in a blink as the beat jumps into the popular Jersey Club rhythm. The rest of the track flips back and forth between the two sounds. Leaf’s dynamic flow and strong delivery fit perfectly, supported by some braggadocious bars that center on having your phone on Do Not Disturb and ignoring those who are a waste of time. Keeping things short and sweet with a 2.5 minute runtime, I cannot wait to hear this track get played outside.

If you like Drill, Jersey Club, or Bounce, I highly recommend playing this at your next function when it drops on July 6th! (Pre-Save Here)

Rique - Love Is Really Gone (Single)

Love is on the brain in this track from up and coming Bronx-based artist Rique. The record heavily samples a Japanese City Pop song called “Love Was Really Gone,” by Makoto Matsushita, which Rique directly references in one of the track’s verses. Playing off of the groovy sound from the sample, Rique raps about realizing that the love between him and a former flame is actually gone. On the hook, Rique harmonizes with the vocal sample, adding an ethereal presence to it all. The Japanese City Pop sample gives the track something like an audible sheen, a glimmer that you can almost hear. Weaving sounds of the past with sounds of present proves to be a great move from Rique, as I could not get enough of this song.

If you’re a fan of RnB, Alternative Hip-Hop, and Boom Bap, I implore you to check out this track when it drops on July 1st! (Pre-Save Here)

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