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Project Preview: Cedric St. Louis & Fat Westbrook, Jay Lust, and Kenn.

Cedric St. Louis, Fat Westbrook Castor & Pollux (EP)

While New York City continues to be inundated with different iterations of Drill, a refreshing addition to the Alternative Hip-Hop sound is making its way downstate from Rockland County. Cedric St. Louis and Fat Westbrook are a dynamic duo, looking to make waves with their collab EP, “Castor & Pollux.”

With only 7 tracks on the project, there’s an ample amount of material to digest here. No two tracks sound the same here, which was something that really impressed me. The music itself gave me flashes of Childish Gambino, and I feel like certain pockets of versatility between the tracks really help lend to that comparison. Both Cedric and Fat are incredibly lyrical, and seemingly can’t run out of things to say. They rap with bravado and surety, oozing chemistry you can feel through your speakers. The beat selection is noteworthy too, and despite their modern aesthetic, I couldn’t help but see glimpses of Legacy acts like Run-DMC and Mobb Deep as I made my way through the track list.

If you are a fan of Alternative Hip-Hop, I encourage you to listen to this record when it drops on June 9th! DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS!

Jay Lust - Nu.Wav (EP)

“Nu.Wav” is an amalgamation of R&B, UK House Music, Jersey Club, and Trap, and blurs the lines between those genres regularly. NYC Artist Jay Lust has a sound that feels most comparable to PinkPantheress mixed-with-Brent Faiyaz. He’s got some downright amazing vocal melodies that float over synth-heavy house beats, while incorporating some hard-hitting kicks into the mix as well. It’s a shame that the EP only has 4 tracks, because I couldn’t get enough of it. Jay’s got a great voice, and the arranging and layering of his vocals helped create a fuller, more sonically rich sound. The vibe he’s created goes hand-in-hand with the dreamy, Bedroom Pop aesthetic that it feels like he’s curating with the beat selection on here.

If you are a fan of UK House and R&B, you should absolutely tune into this EP when it drops on June 9th!

Kenn. - Til The Wheels Fall Off (Single)

Fresh off his semi-viral hit “Same Wit You,” Bronx-born, Jersey-based artist Kenn. is preparing to return with his latest single, “Til The Wheels Fall Off”. It’s a track that’s just over two minutes, and hears Kenn yearn for a past relationship after realizing that he was in the wrong after all. It’s got a catchy loop underneath Kenn’s crisp vocals, which is very much a fusion between R&B and UK House. Kenn isn’t new to occupying this space between the two genres, as his last track “Same Wit You” was also a crossover (between Jersey Club and R&B). I’ll deinitely be watching this track to see how it moves on TikTok, where this kind of sound sees to be the most popular.

If you like House Music, and R&B, I highly recommend adding this song to your main playlist when it drops on June 16th!

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Jun 05, 2023

def tuning in !!!!


Jun 05, 2023

Tapping in for sure!!

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