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Project Preview 5/28: Nessa and Mikey Polo/Ka$hdami

Nessa - Come Home (Single)

Opening with a voicemail, this track from New Jersey artist Nessa is a piano-led ballad where she pines for her lover in question. Belting out how badly she wants to be near them, Nessa lists all of the things she’s willing to do for them until they see each other again. Behind some emotive and powerful chords, it evokes a strong feeling of yearning, that I think almost any human can identify with.

If you’re a fan of R&B and Soul, give this track a listen when it drops on May 29th.

Mikey Polo - GTA (Ft KA$HDAMI) (Single)

With soft keys leading the melodic portion of the track over a bass-heavy rhythm that will have your speakers shaking, Mikey Polo and KA$HDAMI join forces for this track that shares a name with the popular video game series. Over the course of two minutes, the two artists trade a flurry of bars, and there is a slight feeling of nostalgia that comes from the instrumental as well, giving way to that feeling of coming home from school and turning on your PS2.

If you like Alternative Hip-Hop, add this track to your playlist since it drops today, May 28th!

If you would like to have your upcoming, unreleased music featured in a future edition of Project Preview, please fill out this submission form, and we'll be in touch.

See you next week!

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