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Project Preview 3/5: Featuring The Rewind Edition

Updated: Mar 7

$cottie Pimpin’ - B4P1 (EP)

Across the three songs on this project, East Harlem Native $cottie Pimpin’ displays some impressive versatility. He hits a few different avenues of sound here that are best comparable to Young Thug, Yeat, and Playboi Carti (more the fringes of these artists’ sounds as opposed to their recognizable hallmarks). Each track has its own, unique distinctions, all the while maintaining a semblance of cohesion, both sonically and thematically. Pimpin’s pen shines through as well, and his choice of vocal inflections in his delivery in certain areas was something that felt notably refreshing too. 

If you like Yeat, Young Thug, Carti (or anything vamp-related), give this EP a spin. 

Favorite Tracks: So Long

Tonie Arcon - Michigan (Freestyle) (Single) 

Coming in with a quick freestyle is Tonie Arcon. The Midwest MC raps over a beat that sounds like it was produced by Pi’erre Bourne, harnessing that same frenetic 2019 energy like “Magnolia”. His flow is a bit slower than I usually listen to, much more akin to other Michigan rappers, but it still pairs well with the beat. The bars here are filled with punchlines, another signature of Detroit’s style. The track doesn’t truly start until almost a minute in though, that would be my only gripe. 

If you like Veeze or Icewear Vezzo, check out Michigan at your earliest convenience. 

Loko Warbucks - Pass The Roc (Single)

With a beat that sounds like it teleported out of the early 2000’s Trap scene, Lefrak City’s Loko Warbucks gives us a high-energy performance where he rapidly fires off his impressive bars while still keeping the bounce the style is known for. The beat is incredibly simple, but that is not a hindrance at all. A complex beat isn’t a necessity to have a good track, you don’t need a million and one different layers and textures. As pictured here, you can have a relatively minimalist beat and still have a good song on your hands. 

If you like early Gucci Mane, listen to Loko’s latest track. 

Journeys Ville - YOU CANT REPLACE ME (Single)

A short-but-intriguing Trap&B track, this track starts off with crooning autotuned vocals before switching into a rap verse.From then on, he floats inbetween rapping and singing for the rest of the runtime. It’s a quick listen, which is a shame because I like the musical ideas it touches on here. They never had the chance to be fully fleshed out, leaving the track to feel like more of an interlude than a single/ Nonetheless, i enjoyed the music here, and I think several others out there will too. 

If you like Nav, or other Melodic Trap artists, this is absolutely up your alley. 

As a bonus, here are some recent submissions I missed during our hiatus. 

Kenn. - Open To Nothing (EP) 

A fun, five-track EP that dropped late last year, Jersey-based singer Kenn. dropped one of my favorite projects in recent memory. Baring his heart and soul on every song Kenn. introduces himself to the world as a hopeless romantic who just wants to be loved. Spanning several different sounds within the Dance-Rnb-Hyperpop space, Kenn sports vocals and riffs that are comparable among today’s contemporary R&B crowd. His introspective pen shines through on each track too, leaving you feeling exactly as he does afterward. If you’ve got thirteen minutes to spare, tap in and give this EP a listen, especially because I think this avenue is going to become increasingly more common as music moves forward. 

Favorite Tracks: All Alone, Just Fine

M.C.D. - Bad and Rude (Single)

Yonkers’ own M.C.D (Mike Can Dream) dropped this 80’s inspired track this past Halloween. Bright and icy keys craft the track’s main chord progression, with lyrics that reflect an ode to his favorite kind of woman. M.C.D. keeps a tight flow over its bouncy club beat, while guest JussChris provides the crooning vocals we hear on the hook. It’s simple, catchy loop is its strongest point, and found itself stuck in my head for a bit too. Something easy you can bop your head along to, and easily dance to if it comes on at the club or function. Add this to the queue next time you’re on the aux. 

Milani Bandz - Life of The Party Remix ft. Easy T & Slimm Dollaz  (Visual) 

Hood Barbie Milani Bandz came through with the girls East T and Slimm Dollaz for an infectious Pop Drill hit. Flashing in between images of them rapping and having fun, Milani kicks things off affirming that she is the Hood Barbie, before Slimm Dollaz comes through keeping the energy up with some quick bars of her own. Milani’s hook comes through one more time, making way for Easy T to lay down another rapid-fire verse to continue the pace that’s been set. Milani closes the track out with her own work, capping the extravaganza with a fiery verse. A fun track with a fun video, watch it on YouTube here!

A Kay A - Pretty Girl (Single) 

A song about the simple desires in life, this track from Harlem-based singer A Kay A is an R&B bop with a floaty and ethereal vibe to it. Soft keys help form the backbone of the song’s choral structure, while some soft guitar strings ring off and help enhance the soulful feel. Throughout the track, A Kay A yearns for the things that we do every day but often take for granted while using the chorus as a cautionary ode for the pretty girls out there. It’s hard not to fall under A Kay A’s spell while listening to the song, so don’t be surprised if you find it on constant repeat. 

Why Lone - 328 (EP)

Described on his Spotify bio as a “global musical odyssey” and “a fusion of new-aged blues that transcends borders, I had no clue what I was in store for before listening to this project. Eighteen minutes later, I’m incredibly thankful that I did. Although I think the added context from his profile may have helped my reception of the EP, I still stand by my opinion that this is a great conceptual piece of work. Most of the instrumentals here consist of a lot of softer Jazz elements, with the ones that come together as complete arrangements serving as some truly beautiful music. Why Lone’s vocal style harshly contrasts with the softness of most of the sound, but that difference is what makes it all so good. Don’t sleep on this any longer, head to your nearest DSP and listen to it ASAP, no Rocky. 

Favorite Tracks: Gotham City, Much To Lose

Jxhar - Red Roses (Single) 

Returning to Project Preview is Jxhar, the multi-hyphenate Phillly-based artist with Harlem roots. Depicting a tumultuous relationship over a minimalist beat that gets more complex as the song goes on, Jxhar’s storytelling ability excels and allows the listener to feel as though they’re there with him. An ultimately melancholy ballad with a soulful feel to it, it’s great to see Jxhar continue to step outside the box from each previous release, and I eagerly await to hear what else is in store.

Do you want to submit your upcoming, unreleased music for consideration and placement on a future edition? Fill out this form and we'll get back to you!

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