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Project Preview 3/25: Jay Kent, Ren Cinema/Junee', Claywidthebandz, & $cottie Pimpin'

Jay Kent - Texting (Single) 

Our first International submission, Philippines-based artist Jay Kent brings us a vibrant and moody R&B track that serves as another peek into relationship communication. Recognizing the cyclical nature of their arguments, Jay pleads with her lover to skip the texting and “be mad at [her] in person,” alluding to the make-up portion it always ends in. I got glimpses of Kehlani in the best possible way while listening to this song. Jay’s voice is silky-smooth alongside the catchy beat, creating an absolute earworm of a track that is sure to be stuck in your head for days to come. With some well-established and respected industry producers working alongside her (specifically Beyonce collaborator Soko7, having produced this track), I’m excited to hear what Jay’s debut project sounds like, especially if this track is indicative of where they’re going with the sound. 

If you like Kehlani, Snoh Aalegra, or Chlöe, then you’re bound to enjoy Jay Kent’s music. Check out “Texting” when it hits all platforms on March 29th

Ren Cinema, Junee’ - How Long Is Too Long And Not A While? (Single) 

A lush R&B hit that borders on Neo-Soul, Artist Ren Cinema brings forth a track that asks some of the more important yet awkward questions that come with proposing a break in your relationship. Structured as something of a back-and-forth, Ren is paired with Junee’, who serves as the other half of this musical dialogue. Some soft electric guitar strings help fill out the track’s melody, adding some texture to the song's bounce. Between rifts and harmonies from both parties, their lyrics paint a pretty and equally heartbreaking picture. Accompanied by some colorful ad-libs and elements ripped straight from Mother Nature, the vivid imagery and soulful beat unite to create one of my favorite submissions. I’m eagerly awaiting the official drop, and I think you should also be!

If you like Steve Lacy (or anything from The Internet), Ravyn Lenae, or Omar Apollo, chances are incredibly high that you’ll love this too. Give it a listen when it drops on all platforms on March 29th. 

Claywidthebandz - UP (Single)  

New Orleans Artist Claywidthebandz is our next featured artist, coming with a frenetic flow and energetic trap beat behind him. Talking about the fast lifestyle he’s living, Clay paints so many different pictures over the course of one minute and fifty-five-second track. It’s pretty impressive how much he fits into the track during its short duration. It took me a listen or two to get accustomed to his flow, as he races against the beat to get his words out. In a unique space where his cadence is both on-beat and off-beat, the energy in his delivery seeps through the speakers and encapsulates you after a couple more listens. Though this is my first introduction to his work, it’s prompted me to dive into his catalog and see what else is in there.

If you like Youngboy Never Broke Again or Future, artists I hear in both the beat and his deliveries, add this track to your playlists when it drops on March 27th.  

$cottie Pimpin’ - BNB (Single) 

On a smooth synth-heavy Jersey Club beat reminiscent of the anthemic stylings of MCVERTT, $cottie Pimpin is back again with another track that is sonically different from his previous submissions. Versatility is something that has become synonymous with his name in the short time I’ve been in tune with his work. Coming in just under three minutes, this track is something I could see going off in the club. The cadences here are nice and steady, and the contrast between the synths and 808 kicks is pleasing to the ear. However, I do have to note the similarities I felt I heard between this track and 41’s track “Bent”. Even though they fall in the same genre, and maintain that same Jersey Club rhythm, the whispery flow used in the track’s first half feels like it has a Kyle Richh-inf'luence to it (whose own flow I’ve noted has an Ice Spice influence to it with its whispery-tone). If it indicates anything, it’s that “Bent” has become an influential track in its short existence, and there is nothing wrong with implementing that influence either. I still think this is a solid track, and something to listen to if you already enjoy Jersey Club and the various directions the sound has gone since it imploded through to the mainstream. 

If you like 41, MCVERTT, or Jersey Club in general, give this track a listen when it drops on March 29th! 

If you would like to have your own music considered for a future edition of Project Preview, please fill out the Submission Form and I’ll reach out to you!

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