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Project Preview 3/11: Kenn. & $cottie Pimpin'

Kenn. - Empty Promises (Single) 

Pushing his sound in a new direction, Kenn.’s latest track delves into a darker, gloomier avenue of R&B. With vocal effects and production reminiscent of some of The Weeknd’s “My Dear Melancholy” era, Kenn sings his heart out about the promises that have gone unkept in this seeingly one-sided relationship. Clocking in at one minute and fifty-one seconds, Kenn bemoans the lack of effort from the other party, crediting their constant shortcomings in his decision. The beat kicks into full gear around the minute mark, incorporating a bounce that makes the rest of the track even easier to bop along to. As a fan of his last EP, I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing what Kenn has coming next, and I think that you should be too! 

If you like The Weeknd or Brent Faiyaz, give Kenn.’s next track a listen when it drops on March 15th! 

$cottie Pimpin’ - The Baddest/Forget Me (Single) 

Coming back this week with a smooth Trap&B track is $cottie Pimpin’. In the first half of this double track, $cottie croons about a woman he feels is the aforementioned "baddest". He praises her appearance without any makeup, talks about all the time he spends thinking of her, and even says she’s got him thinking about settling down. The subject changes mid-way though, with a voicemail from the lady in question, causing things to switch up in the last minute of the track. A much calmer track than his releases from last week's edition, I’m wondering what’s next for $cottie Pimpin’ as he continues to play around with his sound. 

If you like Melodic Trap, check out $cottie’s next track when it drops on March 15th as well! Pre-save here

If you would like to have your unreleased, upcoming music featured in a future edition of Project Preview, please fill out this form and we will get back to you. See you next week!

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