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Palo Gets Real On "idk How To Be Sober"

Phoenix-based artist Palo is captivating hearts and minds with a remarkable journey of resilience and artistic expression. At just 20 years old, he has overcome drug addiction and homelessness, and now he's using his newfound strength to shed light on a sensitive issue through his latest single and music video, "Idk How To Be Sober." With a mission to inspire others facing similar struggles, he is empowering listeners to find hope and identity in their own experiences.

Palo's latest single, "Idk How To Be Sober," is so much more than just a song; it's also a powerful narrative that describes his personal battles. The track brings attention to the courage, and vulnerability it takes to admit one's struggle with addiction. "I wanted to give people still fighting their addictions a voice. They deserve to be heard," Palo shared. With a motto to "take your pain and make champagne out of it," he transforms his hardships into a source of inspiration, and uses music as a medium to share his message of strength and resilience.

Accompanying the introspective lyrics, the music video for "Idk How To Be Sober," directed by @tnickelson, adopts a hauntingly dark aesthetic. Set in a desolate location, the visuals poignantly capture the experience of loneliness and homelessness, highlighting the vulnerability one faces in such circumstances. Palo explained, "The average person doesn't realize how hard it is to be homeless—having to hold up a sign and show that [type of] vulnerability." The visuals compliment the song powerfully, highlighting the constant struggle of addiction while also showcasing Palo's unyielding strength.

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