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Omb Jaydee has been heavily consistent in the drill scene for about 2-3 years. Due to legal troubles & other issues, Omb Jaydee takes a break and then jumps right back into the music field like he never left. 2020 was the most consistent year for Jaydee, a new video just about every two weeks from features, pain songs, dis-tracks, and more. It was only a matter of time before we got a full project from Omb Jaydee called “ Deeper Than Rap “ if you listen to Jaydee’s music “ deeper than rap “ is a slogan he says constantly showing his fans it's not just the music for him. The “ Deeper Than Rap”. The cover art features his long-lost friend Melz which Jaydee considers his brother. This project features 10 songs of only Omb Jaydee with no features. 1. “ Not a Game “ prod by Luca If you're a fan of Omb Jaydee this song is something different but he is still himself. Jaydee can flow on about any type of drill beat effortlessly. This is one of the songs where you just appreciate the originality.

2. “ One Shot Dance “ prod by Glvck

3. “ Fake Love” prod by Yozora Very different! Excited that Omb Jaydee stepped outside his comfort zone this song isn’t very drill semi-melodic but still in his lane. Omb Jaydee didn’t try too much he knows his limit and executed smoothly

4. “ 1 step 2 step “ prod by Yozora Love how Omb Jaydee hypes himself up in all his songs. This track is a dance track specifically. I see this going far on Tok Tok. He always has energy in his music videos and with some great marketing, this song can get far!

5. “ Shoot or Get Shot “ prod by Glvck & Luca

6. “ Famous & Dangerous “ Famous & Dangerous was the first track from Omb Jaydee's most recent release responding to all the tracks & songs mentioning him when he was locked up. This song was highlighted as the Best diss-track on Talk of the Town with over 1k+ votes! Although this song was above and beyond disrespectful it seems as if people & fans are still supporting Omb Jaydee even though the music is disrespectful we can’t deny the execution.

7. “ ABC News “

8. “ Fox 5 “ prod by Yozora

9. “ Knockers “

10. “ Pain “

This song to close out the project made the most sense. Omb Jaydee needs to do more songs like this opening up so everyone can relate. Fans think Fivio inspired this song but Jaydee covered everything from his last case, lady issues, losing his friend, drug abuse & so much more. Fivio may have inspired this track but this song was “ Deeper Than Rap “ literally. Omb Jaydee is young and has so much room to grow musically. This project not only shows he’s capable of changing his sound, but he can also do much more than dis-tracks with a little push & self-disciple. As a fan of the drill music scene, I can’t deny that Omb Jaydee is one of the topmost disrespectful artists from Brooklyn & when he makes a diss track it shakes the city but it's so much more to music than that. I'm really excited to see what next steps OMB Jaydee takes & hopefully he continues to expand his versatility & creativity in 2021

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