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OfficialJL AKA JLShotThat Newest EP "Already 2" is Streaming Now on All Platforms!

OfficialJL has been a videographer for some of NYC’s most notable figures in music but now he is stepping into the spotlight! Here to make his mark, the upcoming rapper is releasing his new EP Already II, including his new single and fan favorite “Let It Be.”

“My new EP Already II is a huge passion of mine and I’m ready to shake the industry up,” says the rapper. Fans can enjoy the five-song EP just in time for the Summer.

The former videographer's visual for “Let It Be” is the ultimate vibe! Surrounded by family and friends at a neighborhood cookout, the rapper can be seen in his element having a great day in NYC! Viewers can literally feel the good vibes come through the screen as the energetic song plays.

Official JL’s EP Already II is available now on all streaming platforms along with the visuals for his hit single! Follow OfficialJL on social media for updates and much more.

About JLShotThat

Jeremi Lam is a man of many talents. In recent years, he is best known as JLShotThat, one of NYC’s foremost videographers at the heart of the Brooklyn Drill movement. After creating some of the most iconic visuals for many of New York’s biggest stars, he’s ready for his time in front of the camera as he makes his return to music as OfficialJL.

Finding inspiration from artists like Michael Jackson, Jagged Edge, Bryson Tiller and Drake, he decided to reveal his talent with a handful of well-received freestyles on social media. He then released his debut project Already, which was released exactly a decade ago. Now as a seasoned veteran, it's time to reintroduce himself in front of the camera as OfficialJL with the new release of Already II.

Follow JL on Instagram: OfficialJL

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