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NGB Tay Reveals New Single "Wait"

Baltimore's very own rising talent, NGB Tay, is poised to make a remarkable impact on the music scene with his latest single titled "Wait." Positioned alongside industry heavyweights like Toosii and Nicki Minaj, Tay is on the fast track to success, as evidenced by his charting on Billboard. Building on the triumph of his previous track, "I'm The One," featuring Sarabee, Tay takes a fresh approach this time, delivering his signature aggressive flow that captivates listeners.

With a seamless fusion of his raw lyrical prowess and an infectious up-tempo beat, "Wait" has all the makings of a future hit. The track has already been gaining significant traction, further solidifying Tay's undeniable talent and appeal. Notably, the Baltimore artist has garnered the attention and co-sign of influential figures such as Meek Mill, while also showcasing his skills as an opening act for several renowned performers. These experiences have undoubtedly shaped NGB Tay's artistic journey, allowing him to set himself apart from his contemporaries.

Having overcome numerous obstacles throughout his career, NGB Tay is undoubtedly an artist to watch out for. Thanks to his dedication and commitment to his music, coupled with his unique style and increasing recognition, place him in a position to become a burgeoning force in the industry, ready to make his mark on the charts in the very near future.

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