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Music Monday: iCandy, J Hus, Emotional Oranges, & City Girls

Keep Dat N***a (Part 2)- iCandy, Glorilla, Kali, Big Boss Vette

The ladies are running the rap game right now, and this track is a prime example. The beat is fun and bouncy, breathing new life into the iconic song it samples (“Boogie Shoes” by KC & The Sunshine Band).Honestly, the sample is the most interesting part of the track, as the lack of surrounding Trap elements allows each artist to find their own pockets and flow accordingly. iCandy’s hook is as catchy as ever, and will be stuck in your head all week. Each verse is sharp and unique, with their respective MC’s floating over the beat. Hopefully, the impact of this track will encourage other artists to explore similar avenues of sound by looking back and incorporating old hits into contemporary ones.


Who Told You - J. Hus, Drake

Drake is practically undefeated when it comes to his track record of songs with heavy Caribbean sounds. Although he’s only a feature on this one, his performance certainly helps elevate the track’s overall vibe. J Hus’ accent helps his words dance on the beat with his flow, while Drake effortlessly adopts the accent for his own lengthy appearance. The beat makes you feel like you’re laying on a beach underneath the palm trees, ideally with a nice cold beverage in your hand. It’s got a hypnotic set of dreamy piano chords that drift nice underneath the rest of the percussive elements on the track. I can’t wait to see what this does when it gets played outside.


Wrong Hands - Emotional Oranges

A smooth and silky bass line helps carry the groove of the track, underneath some heartbreaking lyrics between conflicting lovers. The chord progression feels satisfying here, especially as Azad and Vali croon back and forth to each other. The song’s got a sultry feel to it, which I think goes hand and hand with the themes the lyrics cover. R&B is far from dead, and this song helps prove that.


I Need A Thug - City Girls

Although it’s just under 2 minutes, Yung Miami and JT have done it again with another club hit on their hands. The beat is a tad calmer than the high-energy cuts we’re used to hearing from the City Girls, but this switch up is very much welcomed. The sounds carry the same brightness you can find on previous tracks, and the lyrical content is well within their wheelhouse as well. I do wish the track was a bit longer, but even if it was I don’t know where you could even expand the track. It’s awfully complete for such a short track, but bound to have you bouncing when it plays in the function anyway.


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