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Music Monday: HDBeenDope, Abby Jasmine, Sexyy Red, Taylor Swift & More

Can’t Get Rid Of Me - HDBeenDope, Fergie Baby

Quick and to the point, this 2.5 minute track carries a heavy - and infectious - bassline that echoes underneath some tenacious bars from HDBeenDope and Fergie Baby. With the viral success of “Mamba” HD is certainly looking for a follow up hit, and dare I say he found it. HD and Fergie bring their absolute A-Game, with flows that emanate both hunger and confidence simultaneously. HD’s hook is an earworm, and Fergie’s supporting verse is one of his best performances yet. The fast-paced and frenetic energy on the track is my favorite aspect of it. The perfect song for your pump up playlist, HD and Fergie have themselves a hit with this one.

4/5 stars

Rent Free - Abby Jasmine, Prxd.Jay

Anyone who says that “R&B is dead,” needs to listen to this song. There are plenty of amazing tracks on the newest Abby Jasmine project, “Growing Pains,” but this one takes the cake. With production that gives off an ethereal feel, Abby and rising star Prxd. Jay give some of the best performances on the album. Their harmonies help lend to the dreamy-yet-groovy soundscape crafted by the track's melody, and are a highlight of the entire album. Thanks to its relatable lyrics about the trials and tribulations that come with romance, Abby and Jay have created an amazing track that is sure to continue to catch fire.

5/5 stars

Pound Town 2 - Sexyy Red, Nicki Minaj, Tay Keith

Pound Town was already making the rounds like crazy all over social media, now that tour is going to kick into full gear with a newly-added Nicki verse. Though she just hopped on remix with Ice Spice, Nicki returns again and shows off exactly why she’s the Queen of Rap. She’s incredibly consistent in her pen, and constantly manages to jump into new sounds and kill it every time. Nicki’s lyrical ability is very much on display, as she adds a depth to the track that wasn’t there before. Considerably more colorful than Sexyy Red’s delivery, Nicki’s addition to the track elevates it entirely, and is sure to take over alongside the original version soon enough.

4/5 Stars

Karma - Taylor Swift, Ice Spice

I predicted the Ice Spice and PinkPantheress collab, but I don’t think I ever could have predicted this one. Taylor Swift is an undeniable Pop Powerhouse all by herself, and featuring Ice Spice on the remix to this already-viral track wasn’t on any one’s bingo card this year. The record still holds up by itself, but unfortunately, Ice Spice’s verse here doesn’t hold up as well as her others. It feels somewhat forced when the track enters a breakdown for the rap verse it didn’t really need to begin with. The song isn’t a rap song, and I don’t see why it needs a rap verse. With a flow she’s commonly employed in other tracks, Ice Spice does eventually switch it up slightly. I found it pretty entertaining when she changed her flow, but was disappointed when she reverted back to her old way pretty quickly. The original song is still pretty good, and mostly intact, but this almost feels like a filler track we didn’t need.

3/5 Stars

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