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Music Monday: B-Lovee, Bad Bunny, Kai Cash, & Rory

No Secrets - B-Lovee

I have pretty strong feelings about songs that are less than two minutes long, but I had to make an exception for this track. B-Lovee slides on this bouncy sample beat, where he talks about the ups and downs of dating someone while putting in the work to elevate your own lifestyle. One of my favorite parts about the track is its piano work. As the heart and soul, its soft chords and melodies are a sweet contrast from the thick rhythm it intertwines with. Not to mention, it’s also incredibly catchy. B-Lovee has quietly evolved beyond the Bronx Drill sound he both spawned and pioneered, and his transition toward melody-heavy tracks should be an example for current and upcoming Drill artists. Hopefully, this is an avenue he taps into and explores even further.

4/5 Stars


When Bad Bunny previewed the track on his Instagram story early last week, I was eagerly awaiting to see how he would put his own spin on the Jersey Club sound. He is one of the most listened to artists in the world, and putting this regional sound on his own platform gives it even more major exposure. Bad Bunny puts a uniquely Latin spin on the track, with sonic elements of his Latin Trap/Reggaetón background sprinkled throughout. Aside from that, though, the beat doesn’t sound unlike something current Jersey Club artists are already tapped into. Respectfully, Bad Bunny does his thing on the track, and it will definitely have you bumping and bopping along to the beat. I’m also interested in the long term impact of this track too. This could very well be a turning point for the sound, and lead to even more innovation in the wider subgenre. For now, we’ll have to wait and see.

3.5/5 Stars

Rather Be - Kai Cash

Kai Cash gets his thoughts across through some top-shelf lyricism on this track, but the loop it’s based around gets old pretty quickly. He’s got a crafty way of painting a vivid picture, and the song has a kind of vibe that gives off a background music feel. When you dive into the actual content of what’s being said though, talks about the trials and tribulations of life in NYC. As someone born and raised here, I was definitely able to resonate with some of the imagery he was evoking, with iconic scenes of the city playing in my head alongside it. Kai maintains the same flow throughout the track as well, so the lack of variation here ended up having a harsher impact on how I felt about it.

3/5 Stars

My Phone Can Die - Rory, Ari Lennox, James Fauntleroy

Podcasting may be how he’s most well known, but Rory’s prowess as a songwriter is definitely something I think needs to be noted. On the third single from his upcoming debut album, Ari Lennox and James Fauntleroy join forces to create a soulful atmosphere, giving us a great new R&B track in the process. The different layers of instrumentation that makeup its soundscape are wide and varying, with so many distinct sounds existing in the same musical phrases that help create a unique blend of ideas. Letting someone know that you don’t mind letting your phone die while you’re with them is a uniquely-modern expression of love in its purest form. Few things are better than spending time with the person whose heart beats in sync with yours, and this song gets that across gracefully.

4/5 Stars

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