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Bubbling New York City artist Mophead TBC recently drops off his latest single "PURSES", which can be streamed and downloaded among all platforms as of last Friday. Emerging into the new year with some definite heat, "PURSES" poses as a follow up to his latest project Trap Musick Vol. 1, and it is definitely up to standard for setting a new vibe and tone for 2024. Released with an official music video to provide a full listening experience, "PURSES" is literally just the start of the first quarter and provides foundation for the fun releases to come from the Brooklyn native this year.

Mophead TBC began his journey with a pair of XBOX headphones, but his passion and grit as a teen turned into pure determination. Fast-forward to now, Mophead TBC is a full-time recording artist, still determined to solidify himself in the airwaves. Coming from a popular market like NYC, he still proves his authenticity, not widely falling into the popular sounds of the city in recent times. A definite gem, be sure to keep up with Mophead TBC below:

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