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Moosie Wins Drops Newest Single "Here We Go Again"

Brooklyn’s own Moosie Wins reflects on personal hardships in his newest single “Here We Go Again.” Moosie's captivating melodies paint the picture of how to bounce back from losing someone by releasing his emotions on wax in the studio. He exclaims how he wants to love the woman he lost but doesn’t like how she’s stuck in her old ways. “Here We Go Again,” tells two stories of trying to love someone through their repetitive habits and finding himself back in the studio to power through another breakup. In the song, he realizes that he can’t be stuck in the past and has to move forward, even if he doesn’t want to.

Moosie Wins is a Brooklyn-born artist renowned for his blend of rap and R&B. With a rich history in the fashion industry, including co-founding the popular streetwear brand LYFESTYLE, Moosie has emerged as an exceptional talent in the music world. His major releases, "McLovin" and "Pillow," garnered widespread acclaim from ThisIs50 and VIBE magazine due to his commitment to innovative sounds and captivating visuals. Moosie continues to captivate audiences as a multifaceted creative with his unique style and unwavering passion for his craft.

Stream Here: 'Here We Go Again'

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