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Monday Music Analysis: OnpointlikeOp, Ron Suno , Kenzo Balla & 2Rare

4-5 stars

Frequent collaborators OnPointLikeOP and Dusty Locane return with another Drill track. Trading bars on a beat that feels reminiscent of the 2020 Brooklyn Drill, the two give their opposition various warnings. Although their lyrics tout ignorance of their metaphorical criminal records in favor of delivering street justice, Dusty Locane is unfortunately locked up. Adding a sense of irony to the threatening atmosphere that surrounds the vibe of the track. Despite any narrative elements, the single is an overall solid track to add to your Drill rotation.

4-5 stars

As one of the first Bronx Drill rappers, Ron Suno carries weight every time he drops a new project. With synths that make me feel like I’m in a Final Fantasy boss battle and a clap pattern that adds to the tracks' sonic chaos, Ron drops a quality Drill track. With support from Sha EK in the track’s latter half, Suno drops another track telling his audience what happens when he runs into his opposition. Suno’s punchlines are some of the best parts of the track, with a bar comparing keeping his pieces on him to being like a dry cleaner as one of my favorite lines (you’ll know it when you hear it). Sha EK’s standout guest verse helps carry the track as it gets a bit repetitive. Especially considering both rappers claimed dominance as the “face of the Bronx,” it’s nice to see them tearing up a track together. Alone, it is a nice hype-up track, but sounds much better in the full context of his project, “It’s My Time.”

4.5-5 Stars

2022 Talk Of The Town Underdog of the Year Kenzo Balla brings the energy that won him the award into 2023, determined to show everyone it’s his time. With a sample beat that takes a bouncier approach to Drill, the drums are some of the best features the track has. The hunger that Kenzo raps with bleeds through the headphones, allowing you to feel his tenacity in every bar. Kenzo’s performance truly elevates the track, making it that much more enjoyable. The song hits the 2.5 minutes sweet spot and doesn’t overstay its welcome by any means. It’s been formulated in a way that even after repeat listens, it doesn’t falter. 2023 may truly be the year Kenzo Balla breaks through.

2-5 Stars

There’s no way around it, this song is just not good. When a regional sound goes popular, many an artist will rush to capitalize on it. Over a generic Jersey Club beat, French Montana and 2Rare link up for an ultimately forgettable outing. Where the song tries to be a banger in the vein of “Just Wanna Rock,” it falls quite short of the finish line. An obvious party track doesn’t need substance in its lyrics, but an annoying hook will not fare much better. 2Rare’s whisper flow in his intro verse is sonically at odds with the rest of the song, and honestly, it comes off a little odd. French takes up most of the track, ultimately to its detriment. Not to say that French Montana doesn’t have any tuits, but this track is not one of them. It is forgettable, and an unfortunate casualty of the reality of the music industry: Not every mainstream foray into a regional sound will be good.

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