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Monday Music Analysis: Maiya The Don, BreezyLYN, Dougie B, Chow Lee

Updated: May 15, 2023

Keep It Cute - Maiya The Don

Maiya the Don is back with another certified banger. There’s braggadocious bars aplenty here, memorable enough to serve as your next Instagram caption as well. Though the hook is nice and simple, it does feel a bit repetitive its last time around. The production is nice and crisp, with drums that hit and piano chords that provided a satisfying sonic juxtaposition as they carried most of the beat’s bounce and rhythm. There’s an energy here that was missing on Dusties, and it very much gives the same breath as Telfy. Maiya’s definitely got another hit on her hands with this one.

4/5 stars

Bad B*tches (Remix) - BreezyLYN, Lola Brooke, Kali

BreezyLYN’s original track was very much a sleeper hit, but its viral activity and word of mouth helped it reach its current status. Assisted by Lola Brooke and Kali this time around, the result is a cut that’s been completely elevated. BreezyLYN’s original intro verse is still intact, with Lola making the first guest appearance after the hook. Though she still has the aggressive delivery she’s known for, it’s in a softer, whispery tone. It matches the sonic aesthetic of the track, and displays some nice versatility as well. Her flow and ad-libs do feel slightly influenced by Ice Spice (not at all a bad thing, by the way!), but Lola’s skill makes it all her own. Kali brings the same energy as she did on Area Codes, which is currently having its own viral moment. Her confidence emanates through her delivery, with a butter smooth flow and voice that blends with the beat and outro seamlessly. Each member of this treacherous trio brings their A-Game, making for an amazing remix.

4/5 stars

Stuck In My Ways - Dougie B

The SDot Go effect is on full display here, as Dougie B unleashes a lode of pent up energy on this dark track. Booming kick drums pound the rhythm for the entire track, setting up a dark Jersey club/Drill fusion sound. The difference snares can make on the atmosphere of a beat is apparent, as there are none to be found here. It fits the track’s dark theme well, and allows Dougie to tap into a fresher sound while also staying true to his Drill roots. A solid track, I would personally like to see Dougie elevate past Drill and expand his range even more. Only time will tell, but this track will do just fine as we wait in the meantime.

4/5 stars

No Hesi - Chow Lee, Synthetic!

Although I've never really been a fan of songs under 2 minutes, I really enjoy Chow Lee's music a lot, and I wanted to keep my mind as open as possible. At a 1:40, I feel like the song doesn't gives itself enough time to breathe, and the musical ideas at play don't feel as fleshed out as they could be. Taking it as it is, though, it’s got the bouncy feel you’d expect from Chow, but it isn’t as memorable as his past releases. With that being said, the beat itself is honestly really good. It’s got a nice central loop that’s an absolute ear worm, and definitely lends itself to the track's speedy existence. Overall, it’s not the best, but certainly not the worst either.

3.5/5 stars

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