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Monday Music Analysis: Ice Spice, Fivio Foreign, DD Osama & NBA Youngboy

4 / 5 Stars

DD Osama comes through with an EDot Baby feature over a Lawsy-sampled beat. Though it’s just under 2 minutes long, both MCs have their moments to shine. With some influence from the drums that can be found in Jersey Club beats, DD Osama’s opening verse is quick, leaving more space for Edot Baby’s verse. Both of them mention Notti in their respective verses, making things a bit emotional in the latter half of the track if you are familiar with the history surrounding these rappers and the larger NY Drill mythos.

4 / 5 Stars

It was only a matter of time before Nicki Minaj featured on an Ice Spice track, after calling her the princess of rap. Princess Diana debuted on Ice Spice’s “Like..?” EP, but the addition of a minute-long Nicki Minaj verse brings the track to an entirely new level. Nicki’s skill is something the Hip-Hop community is well aware of, and it is absolutely on full display on the track. Nicki switches flows up a few times and still slides, regardless of which she chooses to employ. Long heralded as the Queen, she shows exactly why the title belongs to her by showing that she’s still in touch and able to hold her own in this New World of Rap, all while metaphorically preparing to pass the reins over to Princess Spice.

3 / 5 Stars

Two years ago, Fivio Foreign had what was probably the verse of the year on “Off The Grid.” The Fivio we hear on “Hot Sauce” does not feel like the same one, though. While the beat isn’t generic, Fivio’s lyricism feels somewhat absent. He’s still got the ability to ride on the beat well, but the rhyme schemes themselves weren’t something to write home about. However, that doesn’t outright make this a bad song. As previously mentioned, the beat is still pretty good, and Fivio’s performance isn’t an absolute dud. The mix does feel a bit off, with some crackling happening regardless of whether I used my studio headphones, my phone speakers, or my Samsung soundbar. If you are a fan of Fivio’s work, you’ll surely find your pocket of enjoyment in this track, but I can’t say the same otherwise.

4 / 5 Stars

YoungBoy NBA’s melodies have gotten better and better over time, and this outing with Mariah the Scientist is no exception. With a Melodic Trap beat, the two mesh well over a piano-heavy beat. The dichotomy of Trap drums and piano over one another creates a harmonious contrast in this case, with compelling vocal performances from both artists. YoungBoy’s singing on the track is noteworthy for his improvement, although there is some autotuned crooning to start off. Mariah’s softer vocals complement the harsh tone of Youngboy's, and it’s a shame that they don’t harmonize at all. With lyrics on the topic of loving a thug, This is yet another solid effort from YoungBoy, who only seems to improve with each release.

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