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Meet Rising RNB Artist: TheLetOut

How long have you been creating music and what inspired you to start?

I’ve been creating music since I was 13 and what inspired me to start was a family member who rapped and exposed me to all the new music and different styles of the time. Would you say growing up in Reading, PA helped influence you to step into a creative space? Or did you seek inspiration elsewhere? It helped make me who I was to want more for myself but creatively was more so from seeing different places in the world at a young age. Do you have any artists or other creators that you studied growing up? Or even in the steps leading to your music career? I watched a lot of documentaries and seen growth of many artist careers the ups the downs what not to do how to operate. There is no specific person that I would say I solely focused on this one Artist I kinda threw in all styles and genres into one and made my own blueprint to how I want things to go. Out of curiosity, which one of your releases would you say is your current favorite and what was the inspiration behind it? I believe Unconditional is my favorite thus far. I had that song sitting in the vault for awhile and thought it would be a good representation of the depths I’m able to reach within music. The inspiration behind it was being in love and wanting to help someone see the meaning and feeling of what love really meant to me. Even though you are primarily a artist, do you aim to be -or- are you already a jack of all trades? (i.e producing, singing, songwriting for others, engineering, etc.) Yes I make beats hear and there, I produce, I song write, and I mix my own music for the most part so I feel as though I’m a jack of all trades when it comes to making music as a whole. What are your goals as a creative in the next 3-5 years? My goals are to have my art be recognized by a larger audience and have the ability to keep diving into different feelings and sounds within music. What can fans and newcomers expect for 2023? This year expect to get an array of songs, visuals, and content that’ll be sure to keep your attention Where can we keep up with you? You can keep up with me on Instagram @theletovt or TikTok @theletovt1

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