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Masicka and Friends Takeover USB Arena To Support Farming In Jamaica

The Farm Up Jamaica Press Conference held at the Marriott Hotel in Garden City, Long Island on May 9th was a pivotal event that sought to bring attention to crucial agricultural issues and the impact of climate change on farming. With a lineup of talented artists and speakers such as Flourgon, Chris Williams (Whereitzat Magazine), Yasmin Peralta-Lowe (Cornerstone Entertainment), Ashana Frater (Tropical Jerk Hempstead)  and Neil Curtis, the founder of Farm Up Jamaica, the conference aimed to educate and rally support for farmers. The conference also aimed to raise awareness about the challenges faced by agriculture in the face of global warming.

One of the key highlights of the event was the announcement of Farm Up Jamaica's partnership with Sri Lanka, which focuses on innovative farming techniques that use 66% less water. This climate smart agriculture approach has the potential to mitigate 25% of the climate issues associated with farming, while also helping to preserve the environment.

As part of their efforts to empower farmers and bring farming back to Jamaica, Farm Up showcased their work with the HeArt trust agriculture program and the Climate Smart Institution in Elizabeth. By utilizing youth in their programs, Farm Up aims to create a sustainable food supply for future generations, and offset the challenges posed by climate change in agriculture.

Following the press conference, Farm Up hosted a concert on May 10th at the UBS - climate conscious venue, which featured artists such as Nigyboy, Masicka, and Jada Kingdom. The concert aimed to target youth and make agriculture "cool" and "sexy" in order to attract new generations to the farming industry. With sponsors such as Whereitzat Magazine, Tropical Jerk, Golden Crust, Dunns River Lounge and JN Money, the concert was a success in raising awareness about the importance of sustainable farming practices and supporting farmers in Jamaica and beyond.

Overall, Farm Up's efforts to transform agriculture and promote climate change awareness through events like the press conference and concert are commendable. By empowering farmers, advocating for sustainable farming practices, and engaging youth in the conversation, Farm Up is making a significant impact in the fight against climate change and the advancement of agriculture globally.

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