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Marxo is All About the Money

Feeding the team and the family seems to be Money Marxco’s focus at the moment because that’s what’s going to pay off. He and his team have goals, that they do not plan on taking breaks for. Ever since he met his manager ‘Ezo’, he has been in the studio nearly every day. “In the next 5 years I see myself still working hard but in a better position, in a position to put other people on … I’m going to be doing the right thing” stated Marxo in an interview. I’d say Marxo has a remarkable demeanor, full of integrity as well as the proper support and system to continue down the right path when the opportunity does come knocking on his door. I believe the reasoning for him and his team regarding the foundation of their organization as of most importance is because the genre that they’re associated with, ‘drill’, has already pierced into the mainstream channel of music. In their eyes, since there have already been artists where repertoire surrounds the drill sound and world-renowned artists such as ‘Drake’ have experimented with that sound, it's more than likely here to stay.

As far as the music goes, it doesn’t matter the beat Marxo is going to have a set of bars. In an interview, he stated that because of the amount of instrumentals that they may run through in a session, it's better not to write lyrics - not writing, allows his creativity to flow and that’s exactly what separates him in the booth. He and his right-hand man, Don Swindle, have fire chemistry when it comes to making music. Their vocals and energy definitely compliment each other - Don has a low-sutle vocal while Marxo is hype and energetic — just listen to “Eater”, “Say My Name”, and “Don't Be Afraid”. My favorite solo song by Marco is “Wasn’t Me” - it was a unique sample for one, he had no hook so what you hear is exactly how Marxo felt when recording. What made the song even more enjoyable was the outdo of the song, it’ll be better if you hear it for yourself.

Check his music out on YouTube, his profile is ‘MoneyMarxo’ and his IG is @bigmarxo_

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