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"Marco 7:13" - Marc-Baze

In his first project since 2020”s “Loading” EP, multifaceted Brooklyn Artist Marc-Baze returns to your speakers with “Marco 7:13”. Opting for a quality-over-quantity approach, this project is only 5 tracks long, clocking in at a total of just under 10 minutes (9min, 55sec in total).

Kicking things off with “Dream World,” a bright array of piano keys welcomes us into the project. Flirting heavily with the Melodic Trap genre, Marc switches between rapping and crooning while he talks about seeing things through a clearer lens than before, breaking through the titular dream world and landing in reality. Some hard-hitting 808’s support the rhythm side of things, floating right underneath the inspiring, uplifting vibe that’s been set by the keys. Thanks to its catchy hook, the intro track is a breeze to listen to, not to mention that it's also a breeze due to its own quick runtime (1min 48sec). This brings us to the second track, “Conversations With Myself.” Utilizing a robot-like vocal element to open things up, it slowly becomes a chopped-up part of the beat that gives way to a booming bassline and rapid-fire bars from Marc, who continues to put his lyrical prowess on display. This track is probably the best example of his lyrical-miracle abilities, as he gets off some impressive double entendres while managing to keep the flow bouncy and in time. That being said, I do wish the mixing on it was a little better. Though it could be due to compression issues via DSP’s, the sound came off a bit muddled on this track. Though it doesn’t detract from the listening experience as a whole, it was noticeable enough to mention. The robo-vocal effect is also a standout on the track, as one of the more unique musical elements I’ve heard in recent memory.

“Back,” is the third track, and starts off with a sound that could best be described as entering a portal. A low-fi, boom-bap ensues, showing to be the project’s third different production style on its third track. Serving as an example of Marc’s versatility in a performance sense, it also serves as an example of his versatility on a producer tip (He produced all of the tracks on the project, under the Push Da Gawd moniker). This type of beat is the perfect kind for Marc to show off his bars again, albeit with a more laid-back vibe. Transitioning into the fourth track, “Knew What It Was” is another foray into the soundscape of Melodic Trap. This time, there’s a heavier autotune presence on his vocals, though. It doesn’t take away from the song by any means though, and the processing gives his vocals some added texture. Though it’s somewhat sonically similar to the intro track, Marc’s different flow still allows for an entertaining listen on this one. The closer, “Handed To Me,” serves as the bow that neatly wraps the project together, incorporating different elements from across the project to create a grittier-sounding track. The beat is comparable to something that HDBeenDope would hop on, but Marc spits several different flows across the track, giving a final show of force to his versatility.

After taking a close look at Marc-Baze's latest EP, "Marco 7:13," it's evident that the Brooklyn artist has made a noteworthy return to the music scene. This concise project showcases Marc's versatility as both a rapper and a producer. "Dream World" kicks things off with its inspiring piano-driven melody, seamlessly blending elements of various Hip-Hop subgenres with insightful lyrics. Marc's ability to navigate various musical landscapes while maintaining his lyrical flair sets "Marco 7:13" apart as a dynamic and engaging offering. Ultimately, it is a compelling testament to Marc-Baze's creativity and artistry, leaving listeners eager to see what he has in store for the future.

4/5 Stars

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