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lOvE DoNt LiVe HerE

Picture: Instagram (@Indiaroyale)

“Love don’t live here” is a mantra of the past. In the past there had been a stigma that young successful orators, poets or hip hop artist would use their fame and status to dabble with multiple women; enjoying the bachelor lifestyle. As Nas had stated once, “New girl every night, two girls was every other night -sexual addiction, gangster’s tradition” in track titled ‘Adam & Eve’. All that lover boy business was left for those whose primary genre was R&B. I believe at this particular time we may be going through a shift, learning from those that came before us, from personal experiences - realizing there is no benefit for holding back in regards to love, and acknowledging that your queen is your most powerful partner/ teammate on the chessboard. Your queen has the ability to regulate your mental stability, give alternative perspectives, will definitely be in your corner and be someone you for sure can count on, and she could simply be in rooms where you may not be welcomed or aware of. Why should you be afraid of claiming a person you know is certainly supportive of you as a whole?

Lil Durk is a prime example of artists proudly claiming their significant other. He’s never afraid to dedicate a song to his other half, India, and he’s definitely not shy of confessing his love as he recently proposed to her on stage in the middle of Chicago’s Big Jam concert. Not only did he propose in front of his fan but he had his family, close friends, and children there as well to share the special moment. He has really been the artist to set the standard relationship wise, he has just matured enough to realize India’s worth and he is looking forward to building a life and a suitable family dynamic for growth.

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