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Look Out for NotiCuz, Cuz He’s Going to The Top

Look out for Noticuz because he surely has big plans in mind. Just to clarify, it’s pronounced (Nau • ti • cus) ~ Noticuz. Fun fact, he got his name from the first part of Notifications and a significant other suggesting the name Marcus - so together, Noticuz.

This innovative YouTuber has always been a risk taker, life is full of risks why not take some to chase your dreams? Trying new things has always been a part of his Modus Operandi and that’s exactly how he found his pathway into entertainment. If you look at the first video that was posted on his channel, the first 3 were tutorials - he was giving tech guidance to assist other individuals using certain apps and programs. Those 3 videos were followed by 3 songs “Hate Me”, “Deadman”, and “Never Again” - then began his vlogging career. Noticuz expressed that he always wanted to be a YouTuber, but his circumstance never allowed him to be consistent and take the craft more seriously.

The perfect opportunity did happen to present itself and that was when he was attending college - he kept in his mind that all he needed to do was provide enough content to beat out the competition. With that in mind, he started doing public interviews and pranks, this helped his channel gain some traction it enabled him to realize that he needs to keep his audience in mind with all forms of content, just giving the audience exactly what they want. Learning this key piece of information kept him focused, and anytime you do something repetitively over a period of time it's inevitable that you’ll spot growth. Consistency + Innovativeness = Expansion of Brand / Content Awareness — this is clear as day, in the case of Noticuz. At the end of 2021, he decided to try something different and react to drill rapper’s music face to face and it created a trend. His supporters started suggesting which artists they wanted to see him collaborate with, whether it be a certain artist’s Opp (opposition or rival), friend, artists from different boroughs in NY, or even outside of the state.

This is only the beginning for Noticuz, in the lane of entertainment. Not only is he growing his fanbase with these collaborations but he is also providing a platform for artists to get recognition which is a major benefit for them - I must add that all his growth thus far has been organic, so that’s amazing. Soon he’d like to reach the point where he is face to face with top artists such as Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye, etc. He is looking forward to his name and brand being global. Speaking of branding he has been working on some merch for his supporters, he has already viewed some samples so be on the lookout for those to be released soon. In regards to his brand, he also looks forward to morphing the image that Youtubers carry, especially when they branch out into other fields. Noticuz stated that he feels Youtubers aren’t taken seriously when they decided to venture out into something new so the next 5 years will be his time for development as an artist so he can show the world that he cannot be put in a box and to be more receptive for those coming after him. Another goal of his is to reach 1 million subscribers before the end of 2022. I think he could do it, considering where he is currently at and where he started from. In only 2 years he has managed to reach 300k+ subscribers on YouTube, 100k+ on his backup YouTube page, 20k+ on Twitch, and 6k on Plug. He told me to make sure I mention to follow his Twitch account (Noticuz) - he plays GTA RP and Fortnite (Gamertag also Noticuz), so go meet him there!

Tune into this young trendsetter @Noticuz on all social media platforms, reach out, ask questions, and make he’ll be collaborating with you next.


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