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LIFEOFTHOM Shares New Single "COPASETIC" with Haile Supreme - Out August 10th

LIFEOFTHOM, a talented songwriter, producer, and performer hailing from New York City's Washington Heights, has been blurring the lines between classic and experimental genres. From old school hip-hop and R&B to house, electronic, and indie adjacent sounds, LIFEOFTHOM's music showcases intense energy and intricate creativity.

Today, LIFEOFTHOM unveils his first single in collaboration with New York-based producer James Burns, titled "COPASETIC." The track reflects a process of reflection and refinement, symbolizing a state of being in one's best form. The song's intimate and introspective atmosphere creates an environment that encourages deep contemplation and self-discovery. LIFEOFTHOM effortlessly weaves his ethereal storytelling and seamless flow over the beat, narrating various transformative experiences that have shaped him into what he calls "COPASETIC."

The haunting harmonics and pitch-shifted sample provide a mesmerizing backdrop for LIFEOFTHOM's subconscious storytelling. His verses are rich with double entendres and subversive metaphors, reflecting his calculated and intentional expression of his truths. Through his experiences and introspective understanding, LIFEOFTHOM conveys that achieving the "COPASETIC" state is a universal journey of growth.

"COPASETIC" serves as the lead single from LIFEOFTHOM and James Burns' upcoming EP, "ROOM 44," set to release in 2024. The EP will feature four tracks in total, with a deluxe edition to follow. LIFEOFTHOM describes the project as an honest and poetic expression of his core truth. The EP promises an exciting lineup of collaborations with artists like Bub Styles, Akai Solo, Haile Supreme, and Ania HOO, adding to the tapestry of creativity that LIFEOFTHOM and James Burns have crafted together.

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