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LIFEOFTHOM is a New York-based songwriter, producer, and performer born and raised uptown in Washington Heights. With the unique ability to blur the lines between classic and experimental genres, like old school hip-hop, R&B, house, and an assortment of electronic and indie adjacent sounds, LIFEOFTHOM has been steadily building his career off innovative records and collaborations that are intensely energetic and deceptively intricate.

On June 29th, he'll drop "archetyp333," the first single off of his upcoming Michael LP. It see’s the Washington Heights native building upon the foundation set by “2011." A continuation of LIFEOFTHOM’s most experimental roll out yet, “archetyp333” represents an embrace of change and welcoming of adversity. Indicative of the upcoming tape’s overall themes, this single outlines a sort of excited defiance towards the common struggles we all face; the chorus, a floating vocal line, confidently asserts “All of us are drowning, I swim!”

Sonically the record embodies an adventurous angst. A warm bass line fills the space between sweeping synths, as LIFEOFTHOM flows in and out of dreamlike melodies. Just over a minute into the track’s runtime we finally see the mechanical prowess of LIFEOFTHOM’s pen on full display, before the bridge transitions back to the esoteric hook. Clocking in at a brief two minutes and twenty-four seconds, “archetyp333” is short and sweet—but far from a fleeting moment. The true definition of an earworm, “archetyp333” has a tendency to play on loop long after you’ve taken your headphones off and put your phone down for the night. This lasting impression is perhaps the greatest blessing the young artist could bestow upon his audience. A reminder that we’re not alone in our struggles and, if we so choose, all of us can swim.

On the record, and in his own words, LIFEOFTHOM had this to say about his upcoming LP: “MICHAEL is me at my most vulnerable. It is the reclamation of self. I experienced things I never thought I’d go through as it forced me to mature and see things through a lens that I had never seen through before. Through the recording process, I learned how to play guitar and began listening to artists ranging from Smashing Pumpkins to Wu Tang, which became very therapeutic as this album became a medicine to the wounds I was aiming to heal. This project is for the voiceless, for the genius, for the champions. This is me. This is my vision — MICHAEL

Still residing in his native New York, LIFEOFTHOM continues to break new ground and defy categorization. Since his debut as LIFEOFTHOM in 2021, he has since performed alongside Wyclef Jean, IDK and Flip Dinero, as well as produced for Slayter, Mia Gladstone, and ICECOLDBISHOP — all while picking up support from Office Magazine, HipHopDX, and Earmilk, and creatively collaborating with brands such as Teflar, Converse, and Samsung.

Follow LIFEOFTHOM here!

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