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Let’s Do A Dive Into “Let’s Do A Drill”

On “Let’s Do A Drill,” the latest mixtape from Dallas-born Bronx-based rapper Asian Doll. Her first project since 2020’s “Doll SZN Reloaded,” the follow-up is an absolute medley of the Drill soundscape. Throughout the 21 songs that compose the tape’s tracklist, Asian Doll spits solid bars over practically every style of Drill music imaginable, while also managing to hold her own alongside a myriad of stand-out features from some of today’s own Drill heavyweights.

21 tracks worth of Drill music sounds daunting and intimidating at first, as anybody of musical work with a tracklist that long would. Naturally, you have to rely on the music to justify its length, and “Let’s Do A Drill” certainly does a great job at doing that. Across the album’s 54-minute length, listeners will be met with musical patterns of many region-specific Drill stylings. The definitive sounds of UK Drill, the recently surging Jersey Club-influenced Drill, Bronx Drill, Brooklyn Drill, and Chicago Drill. Pooling from the various Drill subgenres alongside the contemporaries who have found strength in the sound has helped Asian Doll fill out an otherwise bloated tracklist.

Favorite Tracks:

  • 41 Shots

  • Fell in Love

  • Do It Again Pt.2 (with Mula Gzz and Ivorian Doll)

  • Get Jumped (with Bandmanrill)

Some of the project’s best tracks are collaborations, with rappers like Bandmanrill and Ivorian Doll bringing their A-Game to match the frenetic pacing of the tape’s instrumentals. “Get Jumped (with Bandmanrill),” is a Jersey Club Drill track (as per the latter’s signature style) where the two team up to trade bars about their success and dominance, while warning their opps what’ll happen if they get crossed. On “Do It Again Pt.2” Ivorian Doll is one of 2 features on the track, but raps as if it were all her own. Her cadence is unmatched and brings that authenticity to the UK Drill beat that brings the energy out of all the artists featured on the track.

“Let’s Do A Drill” is ultimately a celebration of Drill music in its current form, with Asian Doll bringing an all-star crew along for the ride. Although I feel like some previously released singles could have been left off the tracklist, it is a must-listen for the avid Drill fan. It’s best enjoyed with your speakers cranked to 11, with the bass turned all the way up.

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