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LeflossMarv is Taking Flight

LeflossMarv is unique hands down. It’s refreshing to hear his music especially the topics he

chooses to artistically talk about - considering the climate of popular music today, LeflossMarv is in his own lane. Before we even get to his music as an individual, if you pay attention you can tell he has an elevated state of mind. In the intro of one of his songs, “Comparison”, he previewed an interview and the interviewer even pointed out that ‘he seems to be so positive, doesn’t seem like the average drill rapper, nor does he look like an artist looking to chase clout’. The interviewer also asked him how he had planned to change the narrative in regards to the image rappers perpetuate. In the outro of that very same song you could hear Marv saying “You put out negative thoughts, you say negative things all the time the eventually that what you’re going to get”. It’s wonderful to know that an up and coming artist has this level of understanding and can potentially have an influence on our youth.

What make his journey even more beautiful is knowing that he isn’t in the business of music on his own. He has management to be in the rooms while he isn’t around, grant him access to new networks and platforms. He is also very connected to a Haitian-based entertainment/ media platform, “FÈ YO WE’W TV”, (their Instagram handle is @FYWTV) which has a huge following that curates events to assist artists with forming the necessary connections for success. While you’re on IG also follow Marv @therealleflossmarv and go to his YouTube channel ‘LeflossMarv’. Get his followers to 10k and get him some more views on his music videos. I don’t speak Creole but I enjoyed his song, “Okay” ft Ace Trigg — he definitely had a

mesmerizing flow on that track, I also appreciated the instrumental being a sample of a Kompa song (traditional Haitian music). Personally, my favorite songs are “Win”, “Comparison”, and “Patience”. Check them out, like or dislike the song, leave a comment - give him some feedback. If you listen to his very first song, “She Having My Baby”, you can hear the growth in his ability as a lyricist, becoming more enmeshed with the music he’s recording over. Tune in now because very soon LeflossMarv will be taking off!!!

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