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Kush Binflockin is Claiming His Spot in the Game!

Kush BinFlockin releases his latest project “ Still Steppin” The EP features 7 songs that have a blend of bars about struggle, hard times, and lyrics that are more flashy. Kush is an artist from Brooklyn and if you aren’t familiar with him you will get to know him through his lyrics. The artist allows you to hear some of the pain he’s experienced through incarnation and setbacks. Kush Binflockin balances heartfelt lyrics with braggadocios rhymes. The EP is definitely worth a listen and will take you on a journey.

  1. Still Stepping Intro Still Stepping intro starts with a simplistic hip-hop beat. The beat gives the audience a great way to clearly hear what this artist has to say. The song is an easy listen, however, it’s laced with hard lyrics about hard times. Kush Binflockin speaks mostly on being incarcerated and the setbacks that have come with that. He speaks on losing friends in the system, taking charges as well as being disappointed when others forgot about him while enduring these difficult times. We’ve all found ourselves trying to make it out of something that could’ve broken us. The track is filled with punchlines and wordplays about how if he hadn’t been gone, other rappers wouldn’t exist. This tracks introduces who Kush is and where he’s been, great way to open a project!

  2. Bosses in Brooklyn Bosses in Brooklyn is a more uptempo song on the EP. Kush rap lyrics like “ we caught them cases, they thought it was over now look how they looking” these bars give the feeling of him reclaiming his time. This track has wordplay, punchlines, and bars about street life that has appeal.

  3. Ball Like Us Ball Like Us is a melodic hip-hop beat laced with a faster flow and cool cadence. The lyrics are full of wordplay and punchline bars. The artist speaks on being one of one and simply stating people cant do what he does. This song gives a great night life vibe because brag lyrics connect with audiences, everybody wants to feel like nobody can do what they do because you’re special. Although the song gives a cool vibe, the lyrics still contain gritty content about Kush BinFlockin’s street experience.

  4. Bowel Movement Bowel Movement will catch your attention from the title alone! The lyrics are aggressive and gritty. Kush speaks on gang affiliation and not messing with “ woo’s” The controversial lyrics will grab the attention of even a casual listener. There’s a bunch of lyrics about street life, dodging the cops, and catching opps. The wordplay of bowel movement comes from the saying “ did it on em” that’s catchy!

  5. Super Richer Super Richer has a melodic hip-hop beat with an autotune-influenced cadence. The song is a summer vibe because he talks about bagging women, Casamigos, don Julio and vibes, all summer time antics! He says “ I was born rich ima die super richer” giving the impression he’s out to go get it. Although most of the song is braggadocios and wordplay, the artist does speak on serious topics like losing his grandfather while incarcerated. It’s a great mix between rappers and humanizes him as a person.

  6. Ain’t the Same Aint the same is another uptempo song on the EP, the artist opens the track with “ Free gang life just ain’t the same” Throughout the EP Kush BinFlockin speaks on some of his comrades being incarcerated and awaiting their return to takeover, this is a track almost dedicated to that. He’s name drops some of his people who are still fighting for their freedom and speaks on some of the things they may have done in the past. He speaks on common things like not testing women and the allure of street life.

  7. Hunting ft. Supa Gates This song opens strong with a strong drill beat and a dope opening from Supa Gates! The artist speaks on how he moves as somebody who’s in the street life. He lets you know he’s moving tactical when you see him. Supa Gates voice adds a vibe to the song with his deep voice and powerful cadence. The song has the appeal to grab a wider audience because it is heavily influenced by, and will connect with the UK drill scene

My final thoughts on this EP are that there is a great blend of street lyrics and uptempo hip hop. The songs like “ Still Steppin Intro “ show you who the rapper is and what he’s been through. He makes it known he’s battled being incarcerated and knows he’s back to claim his spot in the rap game! Records like “ Bosses in Brooklyn “ lets you know where Kush BinFlockin is from and what he stands for. This artist doesn’t let up on letting you know who he is and what he stands on. He lets you know who and what he doesn’t like and what he does. There’s no confusing him for another artist.

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