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The Daily New Reports " New York rapper ' Kay Flock ' reportedly arrested tonight for the Dec 16th murder of a 24 year old in a Barber Shop. " As the news broke late last night Kay Flock was arrested the blogs have been flooding this story. Kay Flock has done a lot for his city and his community but when it comes to artist the bad out ways the good! Yes this is a sudden stand still for hip hop drill because as fast as our traction and the city starts to look good on the up & up something happens to stop our run. No one deserves to die or be behind bars but isn’t it sad that this story picked up faster than the turkey drive Kay Flock did or even when he hit the Madison Square Garden stage? Yes! Talk of the town was one of the first to break the story but we post all the positive things artist do too! The positive artist do doesn’t spread as fast. There are about 6-7 pages that says “ this is the end all be all “ or “ waste of talent” like we wasn’t just supporting him & his music for the past few months! Kay Flock was nominated for artist of the year 2021 from Talk of the Town because of the hard work and changing the game for his city/community. With being so young, going through dramatic changes & trying to maintain a career we all know being an artist is one of the most dangerous jobs & fans will pull you in every direction. Hopefully this isn’t the end all be all for Kay Flock & Kay Flock can see who really are his true fans & supporters. Only the future can determine the fate of Kay Flock...

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