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Kaleena Zanders Releases EP "Patchwork"

Get ready to dance and sing your heart out as kaleidoscopic artist Kaleena Zanders releases her highly anticipated EP "PATCHWORK" on June 9th, via Helix Records. Zanders' voice, reminiscent of iconic dance vocalists of the most influential era of dance music, combined with high-spirited and soulful beats that aims to have people feeling inspired to move and listen on repeat.

Drawing inspiration from legendary Black vocalists of '90s house music, Zanders channels the essence and contributions of those who paved the way for the genre. Her EP showcases a classic throwback sound reminiscent of the '90s, infused with a contemporary vocal-driven approach. Zanders' goal with "PATCHWORK" is to challenge herself to let go and release a body of work that embodies fun and light-hearted bangers, delivering a sonic journey that transcends time.

"PATCHWORK" encompasses a diverse range of songs, each with its own identity, yet unified by Zanders' powerful voice and the emotions it conveys. The EP serves as a little something for everyone, blending various influences and genres to create an electrifying and engaging musical experience.

“PATCHWORK is like little different colored wires from my energy plugging into the musical universe to provide a little joy and relief for whoever is listening.” said Kaleena on the new project. “There is a little something for everyone and I had a lot of joyous moments making it.”

While curating the EP, Zanders faced the challenge of selecting only a handful of songs from her vast catalog of exceptional tracks. With a wealth of material at her disposal, Zanders strives to give her audience a taste of what she has in store for the future. As she passionately states, "This is just the tip, and I have so much more to show everyone.”

"PATCHWORK" has already been met with tremendous enthusiasm and support, achieving remarkable milestones before its official release. The EP's singles have amassed over 10 million streams, with Zanders' collaboration with Shift K3Y and Alex Mills, "V I B R A T I O N," claiming the coveted #1 spot on the Billboard US Dance/Mixshow Airplay charts. Additionally, the project has received global radio support from esteemed stations such as Sirius XM, BPM, Pitbull's Globalization, Diplo's Revolution, and many more.

In the creative process of "PATCHWORK," Zanders found her stride by collaborating with talented individuals who brought fresh perspectives and instant feedback. Working in small groups, Zanders discovered the power of collaboration, allowing her to stay out of her head and create effortlessly. Notable collaborators include Shift K3Y, Alex Mills, Paul Harris, James Hurr, Poppy Baskcomb, Adam Novodor, and LENNO, each contributing their own magic to the EP. Whether it was London's vibrant dance community or the tight-knit circle of friends in Los Angeles, the songs on "PATCHWORK" came to life through shared laughter, personal stories, and effortless songwriting sessions.

Zanders' dynamic presence and electrifying performances have solidified her as a force to be reckoned with in the dance music scene. Having graced the stages of prestigious festivals like Coachella, EDC, and Snowglobe, her live performances are nothing short of awe-inspiring. With her unparalleled vocals and mesmerizing energy, Kaleena Zanders continues to captivate audiences worldwide, leaving a lasting impression that echoes long after the music stops.

As an advocate for underrepresented female vocalists in the dance music industry, Zanders stands alongside marginalized artists, elevating BIPOC and queer voices in the genre. Her empowering remix package of "RELOAD," featuring exclusively BIPOC and queer artists, has garnered attention and praise from Forbes, showcasing her commitment to fostering a more diverse and inclusive dance music community.

With her unwavering determination, Kaleena Zanders is set to revolutionize dance music in the most creative ways possible. Through her powerful vocals, songwriting, DJing, contagious energy, and genre-defying sound, Zanders is naturally someone all types of people gravitate toward. With this EP “PATCHWORK" she is excited to take risks for people to be inspired.


Follow Kaleena Zanders on social media:

Instagram: @kaleenazanders

Twitter: @kaleenazanders

Facebook: /kaleenazandersmusic

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