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Jmoney2x Latin-fusion Vibes

As a music lover, Friday is my favorite day of the week. Regardless of how my week has been, I will always have Friday to look forward to simply because of the prospect of new music. Today’s music soundscape is heavily saturated with all kinds of sounds and genres, it’s hard to believe that one lifetime is enough to listen to all of it. Hundreds, if not thousands or more artists from around the country release music every Friday, giving you the opportunity to discover something or someone new each week. This week, I managed to find the music of Jmoney2x.

Jmoney2x is a young rapper coming straight from the Boogie Down Bronx. The son of Latin Rapper, La Mania, it’s nice to see that the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree. Jmoney2x’s most recent track, “I’m Up Now,” is one of the many drill tracks he has in his catalog, but the first to actually have a proper music video. After digging into his Soundcloud and listening to some of his other songs, I realized that he actually isn’t just a drill artist. His earlier work is definitely more trap-influenced, similar to his father’s music minus the latin-fusion, but the variety of his work is also indicative of his range as an artist.

As a standalone track, “I’m Up Now,” clearly has the influence of Bronx Drill embedded into its production, and the track itself is very bouncy and definitely a track I would throw on at a kickback. The drums hit hard, and Jmoney2x manages to flow on the track pretty well, though I do wish that I was it was a bit longer. The video is on the short side, at 2 minutes and 14 seconds, but he doesn’t start rapping until almost 30 seconds in. The song starts off with the hook, he spits a verse, the hook again, and a closing outro verse, so another common structure seen in a lot of the current drill scene. Jmoney2x is still pretty young, a post on his Instagram says that’s he still 16, but if anything that only means there is room for growth as an artist! Considering his (short) history, I would like to see him venture back into trap and possibly longer tracks as well. After this “debut” I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for whatever Jmoney2x comes out with next.

What do you think? Was this track hot, or was it not? Did I get it right, or do you feel otherwise? Are you tuning into Jmoney2x, or hitting skip? Let us know what you think down below!

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