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Harlem World is definitely back with the anticipated album from Jim Jones. Of course, when it comes to Harlem greats the diplomats are first to come to mind. Even though Dipset took a huge L in the versus battle against the LOX Jim showed us that he is more than capable of standing on his own with this tape. With the release of his latest tape, we set the trends presented by gangsta girls Jim Jones showed exactly why we call him capo. With the music industry moving at such an accelerating pace artists with years under their belt may find it a bit more complex to keep up but Jim Jones exhibited that is not one of his concerns at all. Capo threw a private listening party for his new tape “we set the trends” in New York City. The atmosphere was giving very much Harlem in the spot from the fashion to the jewels. Jim Jones walked into the party full of swagger and energy of the star he is. The DJ played classic Jim that set the tone and had the crowd still bumping their heads as if the songs had been released today. The event had notable rappers present including Dave east, Fabulous, and Maino, as they came to show love in New York fashion. Let’s get into the 25 song tape. Track number 2 on the tape called backdoor featuring Icewear Vezzo and Dave East started off the tape with a lot of pressure. Personally, this is my fav track on the tape due to the fact I’m a very big fan of the Detroit music movement. Track number 3 on the tape entitled crunk Muzik featuring Brooklyn artist Fivio Foreign, from the name I’m sure you can tell Jim took it back to his roots with this one. This track made me feel nostalgia, what I loved about this song was the vibe of the old instrumental mixed with the new. It got me just as hype as I did when I first heard crunk music diplomatic immunity 2. Of course, the single We Set the Trends featuring Migos is the leading sound of the tape, with this song you can’t help but get up and bop to it. Track 11 Fit Lit (Betty White) paid a tribute to the late legend, this song featuring Dave East and Maino gave such a New York vibe. Some may think that a 25 song tape is a little outdated due to the fact we seem to be suffering from some form of ADHD. Personally speaking, I think when you have good songs you have no choice but to drop them, sometimes it’s hard to settle on which songs to choose. I think that’s exactly what Jimmy felt the vibe was so good with the music that he had to give it all to us. After thoroughly listening to the tape The Dipset foreman definitely lived up to the name of the tape. So with all that being said go give Jim jones Set The Trend tape and tell us what you think

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