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It’s Just the “Lyfestyle”

Lifestyle has been one of the hottest brands based out of Brooklyn, manufactured in Brooklyn and founded by Clinton B. or “C” for short, whom was born and raised in Brooklyn. Lifestyle is a cut and sew brand, which means all of their clothing has been customized from raw fabric rather than been purchased from a third party supplier. All of the clothing released comes from the creative mind of Clinton and only when an order is made it is then manufactured specifically for that person.

“C” is extremely experienced in the lane that he’s in, the brand has been around for 10+ years, he’s gone through the transition of having a storefront to only an online boutique, and has grown his team from as little as 3 interns to a team of 20+ employees. His success has bought him many students that also want to make a stride in the fashion industry. He provides access to his knowledge and resources through his Patreon, link to his Patreon: ; so check it out if starting your own brand is something you ever thought of. I even got the chance to work with him personally, and I myself have learned how to customize sneakers, prepare clothing to get sewed, and obtain patterns to precisely cut your choice of fabric.

Also be on the look out for a new pair of literally fire shorts he’s dropping, it gives me “Dead President’s” vibes, it’s a collaboration with another Brooklyn brand “Hood Billionaire”. Right now it’s available for preorder, link to preorder: ; they will begin to ship the week of August 22nd. There is also a promo code available for $20 off your next order, which is: “SUMMER”

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