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Is Youngn Mh one of the multitalented artist the city was missing?!

From the streets of East Flatbush, Brooklyn comes multitalented rapper Youngn MH. As the head of the Money Hungry crew, Youngn MH has spent the last decade refining his pen and periodically releasing music, all while plotting his team’s come up. Although it’s been a year since his last (and only) project, Young MH has returned with a new single, “The Storm (featuring Neek Bucks).” Before we give our thoughts on the new release, let’s take a quick dive into his back catalog.

Youngn MH has several singles and loosies available on DSP’s and YouTube, but his primary body of work consists of 7 tracks (technically 8 although one song has been pulled from streaming services) in the form of “Still Adjusting,” his only EP. Throughout the project, Youngn MH gets many bars about racking up cash, spinning on the opps, and flexing on his haters. Where his subject matter remains largely the same, the sounds employed on the project mostly follow a similar formula. Of the 7 available tracks, 5 tracks are either straight up Drill instrumentals or at least contain prominent elements of the Drill sound. In an interview with DJ Drewski on “The New Mvmnt”, he identifies as a rapper and not a Drill artist, although he uses the sound on most of the project. The flows he uses on these tracks aren’t the type you would typically hear on most Drill tracks either. There’s no raspy voice, there’s no “GRA GRA BOOM” ad-libs to be found, no mention of smoking on dead opps, though the subject matter remains the same otherwise. Even though it can be considered a Drill track, Youngn MH approaches the tracks in such a way that he skillfully avoids the “Drill Rapper” label that so many writers (myself included). The most notable tracks on the project are “Aquafina (feat. Fetty Luciano)”, “Untamed”, and “Ain’t Losing (feat. Lou Got Cash)”.

As previously mentioned, Youngn MH has been releasing new music in the last half of 2022. He dropped “Interstate,” a less-than-2-minute track with a Trap sound where he speaks on how he’s been focused on getting paid and paying no mind to anything else. With a catchy hook, the bite-size track is a refresh to his sound and only a peek of what he could have coming. His most recent track, “The Storm (feat. Neek Bucks),” looks to carry that momentum over. Releasing on November 4th of this year, the track takes a considerably different approach than any previously. Taking a laid-back approach with pitched up background vocals layered in from the start, the vibe is something we haven’t seen him explore thus far. Youngn MH preaches to the pain that tags along with the come up, having to deal with fake friends and family on the way to the top. Neek Bucks comes through halfway to assist with a quicker flow and a cautionary message to be mindful of the intentions of those around you, complementing the first verse in both theme and tone. The track is ultimately a dope collaboration and an example of Youngn MH’s emerging versatility. We can only hope that the potential upcoming project has the same kind of variety he’s put on display.

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