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Iman Nunez Gives Listeners Insight On His Journey In Phases: Vol 2. Hosted by Gabe P from the On The Radar

Iman Nunez continues to captivate listeners with his latest project, Phases: Vol 2, following a series of successful singles including "I Got Time," "Watch Ya Step," and "Numbers Game." Hosted by On The Radar, this album serves as a sequel to his acclaimed 2021 release, Phases: Vol 1.

Kicking off with the introspective track "Don’t Take This The Wrong Way," Iman Nunez delves into themes of gratitude and self-reflection amidst his musical journey. "Numbers Game," featuring HDBeenDope, challenges statistical norms and has garnered praise from platforms like Sway’s Universe and Rap Radar, showcasing Iman's evolving sound and lyrical depth.

Phases: Vol 2 offers a glimpse into Iman's personal and artistic evolution. Tracks like "Nothing Left To Say" explore the realities of his environment, while "Get Off My Back" delves into the complexities of personal relationships. The album features collaborations with artists such as Dizzy Banko, Fergie Baby, LIFEOFTHOM, Niko Brim, and HDBeenDope, adding diverse layers to Iman's narrative.

Reflecting on the album, Iman Nunez describes Phases: Vol 2 as a testament to his growth and the vibrant energy of his current phase in life. "After three years and the challenges of the pandemic, this album feels more celebratory and fun," he remarks. "It's a reflection of my experiences and the people who've influenced me along the way, making it one of the most enjoyable projects I've worked on."

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