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iLuvMuny CEO of iLuvMuny Records has recently entered into a partnership with Warner Music Group. Impressed by his raw talent, both entities found it best to merge. Muny’s previous contributions to hit records such as “My Way” remix with Fetty Wap featuring Drake, “Block Boy” with Guap Tarantino, featuring Kevin Gates, “On My Side" by R5 Homixide, and more showcased how truly multi-talented and creative he is. From songwriting and producing he now shares his most recent single, “One Call.” featuring K Carbon. Known for his captivating beats, collaborating with Memphis's rising star who is also the younger sister

of renowned rapper Pooh Shiesty was a natural fit. His distinctive production combined

with K Carbon’s dynamic verses, creates an authentic and timeless record. The essence behind this song transcends mere collaboration; it's about combining unique musical genres to craft timeless music. Muny has an enticing creative process where he hears the beat and begins to write. The inspiration behind the song title, “One Call” stems from when he was incarcerated.

K Carbon has already made a significant impact with her hit "Shabooya," amassing over

48 million views on YouTube and 100 million streams. Collaborating with industry

heavyweights like Juicy J, GloRilla, and MoneyBagg Yo further underscores her

prowess. iLuvMuny's previous hit "On My Side," featuring R5 Homixide, has also

achieved remarkable success with over 5 million YouTube views and 60 million streams

worldwide. Together, their combined talents create an undeniable powerhouse.

K Carbon has already made waves with her single "Shabooya," garnering over 48

million YouTube views and 100 million streams, and has worked with industry

giants like Juicy J, GloRilla, and MoneyBagg Yo. iLuvMuny's previous single

"On My Side," featuring R5 Homixide, has also seen over 5 million YouTube

views and 60 million streams worldwide.

iLuvMuny is a visionary force in the realm of music, whose journey from the

heartlands of Cameroon to the streets of Atlanta has shaped an indelible mark on the

industry. Born Brandon Nanj, his odyssey began in Powder Springs, GA, at the studio

in Chamblee, where his passion ignited and talent began to flourish.

From those early days, iLuvMuny's trajectory was set ablaze by his innate ability to

recognize and amplify raw talent. Collaborating with rap luminaries like Coco Vango,

he swiftly ascended to become a pivotal figure in the Atlanta music scene. Signing

rising stars such as R5 and Scarfo Da Plug, he carved a niche for himself as a

tastemaker, with an unparalleled and keen ear for good music. His journey was never

confined to the studio walls; it transcended into a realm where business acumen meets

artistic vision. With a roster boasting names like Gunna, Kevin Gates, and Future, his

influence reverberates across the global stage. Projects like the "Free Money" tape

with Guap Tarantino and the "Luv for Mun'' project with Paper Love underscore his

commitment to pushing boundaries and amplifying emerging voices.

Now for 2024, iLuvMuny embarks on a new chapter—one that sees him not just as a

behind-the-scenes maestro but as a bona fide artist in his own right. With his upcoming

collaboration with K Carbon, he heralds a bold new era where his vocal prowess

merges seamlessly with his prodigious production skills, echoing the legendary stylings

of Pharrell and Timbaland. With over 500+ Million streams worldwide and an

undeniably profound impact within Hip Hop culture, iLuvMuny stands as a beacon of

authenticity and vision—a true titan whose legacy will endure for generations to come.


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