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“ Hood Deals “ Mase vs Fivio Foreign

We are all familiar with Fivio Foreign’s career at the moment going up and the success today but sometimes the stories “ in the hood “ still maintain to come to the forefront & Fivio was honest.

Fivio Foreign is often asked in interviews “ What happened with Mase “ or “ I heard you were signed to Mase “ and Fivio has always been honest saying “ Mase signed me for 5,000 and he is still a part of my deal today “ Now for the past few years Mase hasn’t ever said anything or told his side of the story until recently. I guess Fivio Foregin’s “ Million Dollaz Worth of Game “ interview got under Mase Skin. Mase then goes and meets up with Walo & Gillie the host of the “ Million Dollaz Worth of Game “ podcast making a video calling himself “ Diddy 2.0 “. Which if you guys all remember Mase was the one saying Diddy had did him wrong back in the day, Him calling himself Diddy 2.0 of course is a shocker to the world!

July 31st at 7:30pm “ Million Dollaz Worth of Game “ release Mase interview where he goes into detail showing offers Fivio had with other labels, Videos of Fivio saying he is in fact signed to Mase and to top it all off he mentioned he didn’t even plan on signing Fivio his ultimate plan was to sign OMB Jaydee. From the way Mase told the story if OMB Jaydee didn’t say “ give my brothers the same deal “ this whole situation would have went a different way but Jaydee being a real one and possibly knowing Fivio’s back story it made sense for all of them to take off together.

Mase went into so many details of Fivio’s Beef , Videos of Fivio talking about his deal and more. As an investor/ management or what ever contract this specifically was when an artist says “ You did nothing for me “ can hit a nerve knowing how much you work an artist behind the scenes that artist don’t even see. Mase pulled up receipts saying he worked the “ Big Drip “ record when isn’t surprising. The song was buzzing if you want your artist to get signed you should help push their music on the back end. Mase went on and on of their back history up until today and he also didn’t deny still making money off of Fivio Foreign. Although he went down a rabbit hole of him and Fivio’s Relationship, He didn’t mention OMB Jaydee in a bad way ever.

Did Mase do the right thing in speaking on this being the situation got so worldwide? Yes & No this can possibly seem messy to other business prospects with Mase. Does this mean Diddy taught Mase how to be great in the music business? Can looking out for your friends hold up your success? OMB Jaydee is a real one but if this his time to blow up? Where does this leave Fivio? Fivio & Mase phone call was posted shortly after Mase’s interview was released. Let us know what you think?

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