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HITS OF THE WEEK: Gorilla, C Blu, G Herbo & Coi Leray

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

F.N.F. (Let’s Go) - Remix - GloRilla, Hitkidd, Latto, JT

Having dropped earlier in the year, GloRilla and Hitkidd have returned with a remix of the track that catapulted the F.N.F. rapper into viral stardom and earned her a deal with Yo Gotti’s CMG label. Accompanying GloRilla this time around are JT and Latto, and the pair make for exciting additions to an already solid track.

Big Glo’s introductory verse and infectious hook remain the same, with the first appearance coming from JT. With the same confidence she emanates on City Girls tracks, JT delivers a strong performance while interpolating the same flow GloRilla employs on the song as well. JT’s play on the hook in reference to “nothing free about [her]” was a clever line and a great example of her ability to build upon a well-established beat, justifying her addition to the track. Latto follows close behind and feels perfectly at home on a beat with similar musical elements to her solo work. No stranger to the Trap sound, she makes easy work of the beat, her words practically bouncing alongside the looping piano keys used in the core rhythm of the beat. With a pair as good as these two, the remix complements the original track, while also elevating it with the guest appearances. It's by far one of the best tracks of the week, netting a 4-star out of 5 scores from us.


Automobile - Kyle Richh & C Blu

Brooklyn meets The Bronx as Kyle Richh and C Blu link up on this Eli WTF-produced track. The beat alone is already one of the best parts of the track. New York Drill has been popping for a while now, and with so many emerging artists in the field, it’s just as hard to stand out as it is to avoid sounding stale. However, as someone who’s been instrumental in influencing the sound of the scene, Eli WTF has crafted yet another Drill banger with some of its best and youngest stars.

The layering of Kyle Ricch’s vocals in specific parts added some depth to an already elaborate beat, but it also left much to be desired when C Blu appeared on the track. C Blu delivered one of his better verses, but the difference in the mixing of his vocals made me pause and reexamine my own volume on the first listen. Whereas Ricch came across as though he was floating on the beat, it seemed as though C Blu was shouting over it instead. Despite the technical issues, it’s still a thoroughly enjoyable track with great lyrical performances from both artists. The mixing issue also becomes less and less noticeable after each play, so the replay value of the track has that going for it as well. If you can manage to continue listing, you’ll find one of the best Drill tracks in a while, earning it 3.5 stars out of 5.


Me, Myself, and I - G Herbo (with A Boogie wit da Hoodie)

It’s common to hear a Melody Rapper croon over their use of drugs to cope with the pain of their trauma in their day-to-day lives, but it hits differently when that kind of content is delivered through a more traditional style of rap. Although A Boogie does the crooning on this record, G Herbo comes through with a thoughtful reflection of what he escaped on the way to success, while also wondering if it’s all it’s cracked up to be.

Considering how much back and forth there is between G Herbo and A Boogie on the track, it’s more appropriate to call it a rap duet. Much of the track is dependent on thematically complementing verses and alternating bars, which ultimately combine to make a quality Melodic Trap track. It’s refreshing to see some of rap’s most well-known stars get vulnerable about some of the issues they struggle with, as that kind of transparency is bound to serve as an example for other young men out there. Both of their lyrical performances shine through with the imagery of the track, as well as the overall lyrical substance. After listening to this track several times over, the concept of an A Boogie and G Herbo collab tape doesn't sound like a terrible idea. Thanks to some great moments of introspection, and a catchy melody, this track earned them 4 stars out of 5.


Fly Shit - Coi Leray

Despite all of the internet hate that’s come her way, Coi Leray has continued to move past adversity and rack hit after hit, becoming an in-demand artist among the younger generation of hip-hop consumers. This time around, she’s delivered another fun track you can throw on at a party, the salon, or in the car, and just chill out while nodding along to the booming kicks and 808’s that loop through the track and function as the backbone of its rhythm.

More akin to “Blick Blick” than “Twinnem”, “Fly Shit” sees Coi not-so-humbly brag about the lifestyle she leads now that she’s effectively made it to a comfortable place in her life and the business. The verses consist of her listing of the various pieces of drip she’s attained, while she switches the flow up for the hook. While the lyrical substance isn’t of a heavy subject matter, it doesn’t need to be particularly hard-to-digest either. Most of Coi’s discography has consisted of tracks and features based more on materialism and sexuality, but keeping to her lane is also exactly why she’s been tearing it up as of late. The result isn’t any different on this track, as Coi once again crafts a lowkey banger that doesn’t require flashy production or complex bars to stand out. Thanks to her winning combo, Coi’s earned 4 out of 5 stars from us.

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