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Rip in Peace to Big Scarr, may his soul rest and spirit live on. December 22, 2022, Alexander Woods better known as Big Scar, overdosed on prescription pills at his girlfriend’s house in Memphis. Almost 3 weeks later and the recent story that has created discourse amongst hip-hop fans is the situation surrounding Gucci Mane. Gucci Mane, the founder of 1017 Records, had accusations from the Woods family claiming that he didn’t financially help with the young star’s funeral.

The late rapper’s brother “Queez Ruthless”, said the 1017 founder was hard to get in contact with by Scarr’s family over the funeral expenses. Scarr’s sister, Alexandra Woods, furthered the allegations, by adding that Gucci Mane even went as far as asking the family back for the 1017 chains that were worn by the late rapper.

Gucci Mane’s wife, Keyshia Ka’oir, had his follow-up on those accusations, and literally had receipts. She went on by posting them on her Instagram page, one being a direct payment to the funeral, the other showcasing two receipts totaling $20,000, and one last photo of 5 foot flowers that embellished the numbers “1017”.

What we must understand is that this is a tough and emotional time for the Woods family. They lost a loved one, someone with a promising future, and he was probably going to be the one taking care of the family. Imagine losing the person you thought was going to change your life and probably take all the stress off of you — we’d probably be emotional too. I just think the family expected more during this hard time.

Scarr’s father later went on Instagram Live to clear everything up. “Atlantic, they sent they 10 bands. Gucci, he sent his 10 bands, I covered the rest,” he stated — The Woods family might’ve been looking for the record company to handle the entire cost of the funeral, especially since he was a rising star under their tutelage. People may get the wrong idea about celebrities’ lifestyles and fail to realize that they’re human too and have problems too, nobody is obligated to save you regardless of their position in life.

He also went on the appreciated Gucci and Atlantic Records, the addressed the fact that certain things were said they shouldn’t have been said and it was wrong.

As far as the chains Gucci went a little far there but that’s the reality of business. The field of business is emotionless, and that’s how you secure profits and mitigate risk — Gucci Mane honestly didn't have to do a thing for Big Scarr. They were business associates, that was a job, and like every other job — when one employee leaves another one walks right in. To each his own but big ups to Gucci for sending his condolences.

What really needs to be spoken on is how Big Scarr got his name and why he was even taking pain medication. Also, why are a lot of drill artists openly admitting to depression????

Find out in the next article…..

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