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Euro Step

Eurobands has been involved in the music games for the past 3 years and has no plans of stopping short of claiming all that the game has to give him and his team. I believe this is not only a result of his talent, creative dynamic, and catchy flow but he also has an incredible team supporting him as an artist. He is currently affiliated with Rich Blocc Records that have a nice roster of 7 artists and they seem to be committed to the growth and success of their artists. He only has 3.62k subscribers but has managed to produce 3 singles all reaching over 500k+ views. His single “Hellcat”, currently has 819k+ views and counting; “10044” which I’m guessing is his zip code, currently has 787k+ views and counting; and “WESTSIDE FREESTYLE” ft HollHigh, currently has 458k+ views and counting.

These are an amazing set of streams considering that he only has 9k+ followers on Instagram. His tag on the social media platform is @Eurobands, let’s get him to 15k followers and support this budding artists while he’s still raw. In the comments many viewers posted that they had been introduced to the song through ads - so this is proof that Rich Blocc Records have effectively & efficiently used marketing tactics to reach their intended audience. One thing about EuroBands is he always had a unique flow from the very beginning and you can definitely hear the versatility in his sound. He’s edgy, creative, and isn’t afraid to try new things in the studio.

I also noticed that he like monotonous beats, very simple and mostly drums - which allows his flow to really provide a rhythm, and that’s one of the components that grasps his listeners immediately. As an individual I think he brings a different sound and image to the current game of rap in New York. He isn’t speaking about street rivals or violent events that may take place, which is what most are doing, he keeps his listeners tuned in with lyrics that promotes enjoying life in luxury - and he perfectly follows up with visuals to match the vibe that he wants to give. I’m looking forward to seeing the next steps taken by EuroBands and Rich Blocc Records, it’s clear that they’re looking to establish themselves in the music industry and I could see that if they are given the slightest opportunity they will take full advantage . Be on the look out for EuroBands!

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